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Australia's Home of German Beauty Brands 

At, we are passionate about bringing some of the best world-renowned beauty brands to Australia and New Zealand.

We believe every person deserves to have grooming tools of excellent quality that perform for a lifetime.

Our leather manicure sets and nail instruments by Zohl, Niegeloh, Hans Kniebes are crafted in Germany by senior artisans. They feature fine steel, perfectly sharpened cutting edge and are guaranteed to work beautifully for a very long time.

Our hair combs and brushes are made by Hercules Sagemann - the oldest German manufacturer of premium combs and brushes since 1856. They combine pure materials and smart design to give maximum protection to your hair and enhance that silky, natural shine. 

The most recent addition is the collection of Hugo Frosch hot water bottles in luxury covers expertly crafted in German Bavaria and independently safety tested. All hot water bottles are entirely rubber free and come with 2 years warranty.


Our Difference

We offer the largest collection of the highest quality grooming essentials made by German skilled craftsmen.

Whether it is a nail clipper, scissors or any other tool, the “Made in Solingen” mark should reassure you that you are buying proven German quality. Originally Solingen was known for swords and daggers, and quickly attained the fame of “The City of Blades”. Today, the finest cutlery, razors, surgical and industrial instruments are manufactured in Solingen and the city maintains its tradition of producing highly precise goods which are well-established and trusted all over the world.

  • Manicure sets. You may think that there are more than enough manicure sets and instruments out there to please every taste. The problem is that most instruments are made to please the eye, not the nail. They may look great and often closely resemble famous manicure brands, and so it seems that they can do a similar job. However, they are made from poor quality metal, so even if their claims state they’re made from stainless steel, they will lose their sharpness after just a few uses and result in torn nails or cut skin. Cheap instruments need to be replaced again and again. And as time goes by, the amount of wasted dollars adds up. Therefore, buying a good quality manicure or pedicure set is a worthwhile investment because it will last for years and will cut beautifully without tearing or distorting nails.
  • Hair combs and brushes. They say that you can appreciate the taste of good wine after you’ve tried the bad wine. It is true for hair combs and brushes – an important essential in everyone’s personal care kit. Hercules Sagemann has created the world’s first hard rubber brush and is also world-renown for top quality hard rubber combs which are cut, sawn and polished by hand. The combs are totally seamless and glide perfectly through the hair without unpleasant pulling or ripping. Hair brushes by Hercules Sagemann are made to the highest professional standards using the finest materials and well-designed cushions, so they feel wonderful on hair and scalp. Try a Hercules comb or brush, and you will never go back to conventional hair tools.
  • Toiletry bags. Hans Kniebes toiletry bags are hand crafted in Germany by leading experts in top-end leather goods since 1926. Made from carefully selected cowhide with washable lining, they conveniently secure your toiletries and protect your travel gear from spills.
  • Hot Water Bottles: Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are not like any other hot water bottle you've tried before. They are made of high quality thermoplastic and are entirely rubber free. CLASSIC line is independently safety tested to meet British Standard BS1970:2012 and comes with an extra large mouth for safe filling with hot water. Special Eco line is made of over 80% renewable sources with safety fastener and is free from PVC and plasticisers. Eco hot water bottles are tested by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard D6886. All hot water bottles come with 2 years warranty and make new and safe and source of warmth to keep cosy and comfy in winter weather.


Our Promise

If you are looking for a manicure or pedicure set to make your nail care a true pleasure, we encourage you to select from our collection of German Manicure Sets. Every one of our deluxe manicure sets and pedicure kits is made of the finest steel and packaged in beautiful leather cases. The unsurpassed quality of the tools will last a lifetime. We also endeavour to ship to your destination on the same or next business day so you can start enjoying your beauty tools as soon as possible. - Quality products loved worldwide.

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