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Taking Care of Mature Nails

September 23, 2016 1:43:05 AM -05

How To Take Care Of Mature Nails

Mature nails require special attention because as we get older, our nails, and especially toenails, become thicker and stronger.

Suddenly, we face the fact that our nails require more care and we need to make some adjustments in the way we look after them. Using specialised tools can make a huge difference in your nail care routine and also the health of mature nails.

Read 5 tips for choosing the right nail tools for cutting mature nails...

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Mens and Womens Manicure Sets from Germany

Manicure sets come in different sizes, materials and instruments configuration, yet there are a few differences when choosing a set for a men or a woman.

As in many things in life, men and women have different needs.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right manicure set that will be an ever-welcome gift in his or her grooming & beauty collection...

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How To Take Care Of Your Nail Instruments?

July 19, 2016 9:10:09 PM -05

Solingen Manicure Set Germany

You have bought a manicure set that has everything to suit your individual manicure needs and look after your nails with amazing precision.

But how to make sure the instruments last and give you the longest possible service? 

Here are 6 simple tips to take the best care of your manicure and pedicure tools at home...

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Baby shower gift ideas

Delight the parents-to-be with fantastic baby shower gift ideas made by German artisans for essential baby care. Lovingly crafted, they make a gift with a difference.

Looking after baby's nails and hair is only a small but important part of baby care routine that can be enjoyed with cute smiles or spoilt with tears. Choose the gifts that will help new parents with this task and they will be forever grateful.

In this article, we have selected a collection of the highest quality baby shower gifts by German craftsmen. They are specially developed for babies and kids and sure to impress with impeccable performance. If you are looking for a gift that will be great, useful and reliable, here is the selection of top 6 baby shower gift ideas...

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Eco Hot Water Bottles

Embrace the winter chill with the new generation hot water bottles made in Germany from eco sustainable thermoplastic! Hugo Frosch – a Bavarian based company - has been advancing the warmth science for over 15 years and truly knows how to protect from cold on a freezing winter day.

Hugo Frosch brought together the latest technologies and natural materials, to produce truly innovative and ecologically beneficial hot water bottles for everyone who would like to act in agreement with sustainability and ecological awareness.

Discover why Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are loved worldwide and enjoy this winter season...

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How to Keep Warm this Winter?

April 19, 2016 8:44:06 PM -05

Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottles - Highest Quality Made in Germany

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get your winter clothes and heat packs ready. Trust only the best and tested sources of warmth close to your skin, and opt for the latest and most innovative hot water bottles by Hugo Frosch (Germany). Made from advanced materials with safety as paramount, they are sure to become your favourite companion this winter, to keep you warm and comfy in a fashionable way. 

In this article, we will describe what makes them so special and different from anything you’ve tried thus far...

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Perfect Gifts Your Mum Will Love

April 13, 2016 9:37:00 AM -05

Heart hot water bottle by Hugo Frosch Germany This Mother’s Day, give your mum attention and love. Thank her for her efforts, dedication and care she put to provide the best for you. Give your mum a gift that will evoke the best memories and remind of the great experiences and adventures you have had together through the years. To help you choose the best gift for your mother, we have put together an exquisite selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas your mum will enjoy for years and feel you closer every time she holds them. 

These ideas come from the heart and make the occasion even more special and memorable...

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 German Pedicure Tools Solingen

Best pedicure tools are essential for keeping your toes in tiptop shape. If you like to do your pedicure yourself, choose Solingen pedicure instruments that are preferred by the leading podiatrists and pedicure experts worldwide. Authentic Solingen nail care instruments are crafted in Germany and offer the highest possible quality for toenail care. They are perfectly sharpened and cut beautifully without tearing nails, even if your toenails are quite thick. From cutting to shaping, Solingen tools transform usual pedicure routine and help achieve salon results at the comfort of your home. 

Here are top 10 Solingen pedicure instruments to help your feet glow in open sandals this summer...

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Beauty Christmas Gifts For Women

November 25, 2015 6:50:15 AM -05

Christmas Gifts For Her

Do you feel that with Christmas coming, the pressure for buying the perfect Xmas gifts is growing? Relax. We have selected stunning Christmas gift ideas for women that are made to impress her and work beautifully for a lifetime.

Buy her a Solingen manicure set, exclusive Hercules Sagemann hair brush or a Hans Kniebes leather cosmetic bag, and she will be forever grateful. These names represent the best German brands and are exclusive in design, functionality and durability. 

Here are top 10 Christmas present ideas she is sure to enjoy...

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Christmas Gifts For Men

Looking for the best gift ideas to spoil your man this Christmas? Then check out our helpful guide of Christmas presents for men which includes German nail care sets, premium shaving razors, tastefully crafted leather toiletry bags and totally seamless hair combs and brushes. Made in Germany by some of Europe’s oldest companies, they represent the highest possible quality that will last a lifetime and always please with impeccable performance.


Buy him a Solingen manicure set and he’ll have sharp, long lasting tools to look after his nails. Choose a German straight razor or a premium cowhide toiletry bag, and he’ll be forever grateful. Our selection of top German grooming accessories is sure to please any personality - from Modernist to Minimalist.  

Here are 10 best Christmas gifts for men he will absolutely love...

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