Best German Heat Bags to Warm Up a Cold Winter Night

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get your winter clothes and heat packs ready. Trust only the best and tested sources of warmth close to your skin, and opt for the latest and most innovative hot water bottles by Hugo Frosch (Germany).

Made from advanced materials with safety as paramount, they are sure to become your favourite companion this winter, to keep you warm and comfy in a fashionable way. In this article, we will describe what makes them so special and different from anything you’ve tried thus far.

About Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottles


High Quality Hot Water Bottle With Merino Wool Cover Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are skilfully crafted in Bavaria by German experts in the warmth science. With great knowledge of how cold snowy winter feels like, Hugo Frosch offers the highest possible quality to help you keep warm and cosy even in chilly weather. Innovation and commitment to safety are paramount for Hugo Frosch and hence, every Hugo Frosch hot water bottle is distinguished by 100% rubberless material and two years water tightness guarantee.



Innovative Hot Water Bottles With Modern Design for Extra Safety

Unlike conventional rubber heat packs, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are made of high quality thermoplastic and are entirely odourless. Thermoplastic makes the hot water bottle more durable and sturdy, while maintaining its shape during use. 

Classic Comfort models come with with extra large mouth for safe and easy filling with hot water.

Special Eco Comfort line is made from more than 80% renewable sources and is a significant contribution to ecological sustainability and the future. Eco Comfort comes with a patented safety fastener and free from PVC of plasticisers. Eco hot water bottles feel hard to the touch and become pleasantly warm when filled with hot water. It's a totally new way to enjoy a good old hottie knowing it's been sustainably sourced and is environmentally-friendly.


Safety is the DNA of Hugo Frosch hot water bottles. Hence, every piece comes with two years warranty and can be used with peace of mind. Further, here is the spectrum of tests and standards applied to Hugo Frosch hot water bottles:

  • Produced to conform CE requirements according to the Medical Product Regulation 93/42 EEC Class 1
  • All Classic Comfort models have been independently safety tested to meet British Standard BS 1970:2012
  • All Eco Comfort have been independently tested by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard D6886
  • Production facility is annually tested by TUEV (Germany)

Whether to pre-warm the bed or cuddle while watching your favourite show, Hugo Frosch hot water bottle is leak-proof and safe to use.


Every piece is lovingly wrapped in a soft luxury cover with the modern design. Trendy and classic, extravagant and irresistibly cute – they are sure to please any taste and make a beautiful accessory for your home. 

Exclusive felt covers hand made of 100% wool, highly fashionable knitted covers, extra soft fleece covers and toy-like designs with in-built hot water bottles – they all invite to cuddle and make you feel cosy and warm. For super easy use, the covers are removable and washable at 30C.

Stay chill-free this winter and enjoy the new generation of Hugo Frosch hot water bottles. Safe, durable and beautiful, they are designed to keep you warm with the ultimate German approach. If there is anything else you may need to enjoy the winter day, it's a cup of your favourite delicious tea and a book you've always wanted to read...