ZOHL Solingen Beard Scissors Stainless Steel Made in Germany

Whether you are a proud owner of a beard, moustache or a goatee, there is one tool you absolutely need to maintain it is a good shape.

Beard scissors. High quality scissors keep your whiskers well behaved and allow a precise trim.

Today, we are talking about what makes the best beard scissors you want to keep for a lifetime.


Straight truth

Let's start with how the scissors for facial hair differ from household or manicure scissors. First of all, the beard scissors are made with straight and slim blades. This is to be able to achieve a clean and even cut. Manicure scissors these days are usually curved and not suitable if your goal is a consistent length of the hairs. The household scissors by definition are made for cutting on larger areas where ultra precision is secondary to the cutting ability.

Thus, do not compromise your beard to the scissors that are not made for the purpose of beard maintenance. Straight blades of professional beard and moustache trimmers allow to create exactly the shape you want. And this is why any good beard set includes specialised beard scissors.

Unlike nostril or ear hair scissors, another type of facial hair trimmer, the beard scissors feature a point safety tip. Nose hair scissors come with a rounded tip to avoid injuries in the small areas of ear and nose. However, when detailing the beard, moustache or a goatee, it is important to have good access to the stray hairs and the point tip removes them exceptionally well.

Sharp Edge

Material of the beard scissors is directly responsible for the sharpness of the cutting edge. Scissors made of soft steel go blunt after just a few uses and therefore require frequent re-sharpening or replacement (think the waste to the landfill).

In contrast, the scissors made of stronger steel, such as ZOHL beard scissors, retain the cutting edge for a lifetime without any maintenance needed. ZOHL scissors are hot forged which means the steel is treated under extreme temperatures. As a result, it changes its molecular structure. Hardness of the steel defines how long the scissors will last for. So if you want the best beard scissors to invest once and forget about sharpening later, go for hot forged beard scissors.

Another important point is the type of steel. ZOHL beard scissors are made of rust proof stainless steel. This means they won't corrode if you live in or travel to a humid climate. Nickel-plated or chrome plated beard scissors are not entirely rust resistant and you need to wipe them dry after use and not leave them on the wet bench.

Tight grip

High quality beard scissors hold the hairs firmly between the blades so they do not escape when you cut your whiskers. German manufacturers of the best facial hair scissors make one blade microserrated. These are very many fine lines that run vertically close to each other. They are hardly visible to the eye however they have a big power. They provide a good grip so you can achieve a clean cut with less trims.

Comfortable handling

Well made beard scissors feature ergonomic design, large enough rings to fit men's fingers and they open and close smoothly. All this ensures great control and fatigue-free operation that does not require an effort to create the shape you want.

You know that facial hair styles require regular maintenance so buy the beard scissors that give you long lasting and reliable service, and are a pleasure to use.