Best gifts for women Christmas

Do you feel that with Christmas coming, the pressure for buying the perfect Xmas gifts is growing? Relax. We have selected stunning Christmas gift ideas for women that are made to impress her and work beautifully for a lifetime.

Buy her a Solingen manicure set, exclusive Hercules Saegemann hair brush or a Hans Kniebes leather cosmetic bag, and she will be forever grateful. These names represent the best German brands and are exclusive in design, functionality and durability.

What woman doesn’t like the look of beautiful, well groomed nails? Our manicure sets are made in Solingen – the steel heart of Germany, and are beautifully presented in genuine leather cases. Even if she frequents the beauty salon for regular manicure and pedicure, she will undoubtedly love to have a gorgeous manicure set to fix her nails in between salon visits or when on travels. 

Premium hair brushes by Hercules Sagemann are made by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of exclusive combs and brushes since 1856. If she is into healthy hair that glows with silky shine, she will absolutely love Hercules brushes crafted with carefully selected boar bristles for maximum protection of the hair.

Here are top 10 Christmas present ideas for her she is sure to enjoy:

Christmas Gift For Her #1: Niegeloh Kroko XL Manicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh Solingen Luxury Kroko XL Manicure Set 24 ct Gold Plated Solingen Germany

Luxurious Kroko XL is designed for a woman who values life’s finer touches. It includes 10 excellent manicure and pedicure instruments plated with 24 carat gold. The tools are sharpened to perfection and manually tested for impeccable cutting ability.

Stunning red leather case with a fashion croco pattern carefully protects the blades and makes a perfect gift every woman will love and use for years and years.

Christmas Gift For Her #2: Niegeloh Diabolo L Manicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh Diabolo L Manicure Set Solingen Germany

For a chic, ageless and charming lady whose values are everlasting, Diabolo L is Niegeloh's signature in the manicure world. Crafted by hand to meet rigid standards of Solingen engineering, it features excellent German nail tools designed to last a lifetime, without tearing nails or leaving jagged edges.

Each instrument is skilfully made of special carbon steel for added durability and brush- finished with nickel coating for rust resistance. To ensure a very smooth cut, the blades are perfectly aligned and leave beautiful, healthy looking nail edges.



Christmas Gift For Her #3: Niegeloh Diabolo S Manicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh  Diabolo S Manicure Set for Women Solingen Germany

Gorgeous mini version of Diabolo L in hot red color. This set is essential for travelling or keeping in her handbag, in case a nail accident occurs. With 4 Solingen manicure tools, her nails will always look their best and she will enjoy the long lasting performance of the set. Red leather case with flat-lustrous glossy surface adds elegance and charm, while securing all instruments in place.


Christmas Gift For Her #4: Hans Kniebes Inox Manicure Gift Set (Solingen, Germany)

Hans Kniebes Inox Manicure Gift Set For Women Solingen Germany

Hans Kniebes Solingen manicure gift set for women comes in a stylish black leather case with a metal frame and is ideal for regular nail care.

With 5 highest quality manicure tools made of hot-forged German stainless steel, it is designed to last for a very long time and cut her nails beautifully, thanks to perfectly sharpened blades that don't tear nails or cuticles.


Christmas Gift For Her #5: Sonnenschein Women’s Manicure Scissors Set (Germany)

Sonnenschein Manicure Scissors Set For Women Germany  

Sleek and complete with two manicure scissors, it is crafted in Germany for reliable lasting performance. Individually polished blades, sharpened to cut beautifully over a long time, reward her with amazing precision and healthy look of the nail edge.

Deep lilac leather case features an elegant curve and secures all instruments in individual compartments, protecting the blades from rubbing and damage. Compact design will definitely make this set a favourite accessory in her handbag. 



Christmas Gift For Her #6: Niegeloh Café Do Brazil M Manicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh Cafe Do Brazil Manicure Nail Set Solingen Germany

Cafe Do Brazil is inspired by the invigorating spirit of the Brazilian carnaval and passionate love for the chocolaty taste of world-famous Brazilian coffee. It comes in a superbly soft leather case with rich ristretto hues and includes 4 hand crafted German manicure tools, to help achieve the pampered Brazilian look.

Featuring award-winning Inox Style n4 manicure scissors, Topinox® nail clippers, nail file and tweezers, Cafe Do Brazil manicure set is sure to give her years of outstanding manicure and pedicure with the cutting edge staying sharp, even with frequent use.


Christmas Gift For Her #7: Hans Kniebes Leather Cosmetic Bag Dusseldorf (Germany)

Hans Kniebes Leather Cosmetic Bag Dusseldorf Germany

Classic design of Dusseldorf leather cosmetic bag is perfect for storing her cosmetics, makeup and manicure instruments. Crafted in Germany from carefully selected goat nappa, it is very soft to the touch and immediately creates the feeling of luxury. It is an excellent choice for a frequent traveller thanks to its compact design.



Christmas Gift For Her #8: Hans Kniebes Cosmetic Pouch Essen (Germany)

Hans Kniebes Leather Cosmetic Pouch Essen Germany

Essen leather cosmetic pouch in fresh red colour by Hans Kniebes is an ideal cosmetic bag to store smaller women's toiletries.

Made in Germany from luxurious full grain cow nappa leather, this is one of the best cosmetic bags for keeping her beauty accessories handy and secure. Classic design with a sturdy zipper will last years and ensure her lipstick or nail file are easy to find. 



Christmas Gift For Her #9: Hercules Sagemann Exclusive Bristle Hair Brush (Germany)

Hercules Sagemann Exclusive Boar Bristle Hair Brush Germany

Do you think hair plays an important role in how the woman looks? If so, then don’t hesitate to give her the world’s first hard rubber brush crafted by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of exclusive combs and brushes since 1856.

Made of vulcanised ebonite with highly polished handle, it is almost indestructible and will last a lifetime. She will enjoy soft brushing effect that offers maximum protection to sensitive hair cuticles and gently detangles hair. In return, you can expect a grateful smile because this brush will take the best care of her hair and make it naturally beautiful.


Christmas Gift For Her #10: Hercules Sagemann Paddle Bristle Hair Brush Walnut Wood (Germany)

Hercules Sagemann Bristle Paddle Hair Brush Walnut Wood Germany

Every woman knows that the best hair care starts with the best hair brush. Hercules has created an absolute masterpiece with anatomically designed handle for fatigue-free use. It is made from luxury walnut wood with premium boar bristles for creating silky shine and naturally beautiful hair.

Carefully selected dense bristles smoothen and repair protective cuticles thus making hair look and feel its best. Award her with the highest professional quality hair brush that brings expert quality into her daily hair grooming. 

Lost and unsure what Chtistmas gift to buy for her? Don’t panic. We are here to help.

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