Best hair brushes Hercules Sagemann Germany Choosing the best hair brush that suits your hair type is not an easy task. To help you make the right choice, we publish answers to frequently asked questions we receive from our customers who seek the absolute highest quality hair brush to keep their hair healthy and glowing. 

First, let's define what makes the best hair brush. As with many products, the highest price may not always mean the highest quality. What is it then that you need to look for when it comes to your hair?

First and foremost, the brush should be able to do what is required of a hair brush. That is – brush your hair. Ideally, the brush should glide easily through the locks without pulling or breaking the hair. There are many fancy brushes nowadays that look great however when close to your coiffure, all they do is collect hair around the pins. This is not the treatment the majority of customers would like for their crowning glory. Truly high quality hair brushes should gently remove the knots without any damage to sensitive hair cuticles. Preserving top hair layer helps smoothen the cuticles so they lay flat and reflect more shine. Naturally.

Next, the best hair brush should feel good on the head. That said, it should not be harsh and scratch the scalp or hair. Unfortunately, most of the time it is hard to test the brush in a shop due to hygiene regulations. However there are a few tips that can help you understand what makes the highest quality hair brushes and narrow down the choice to find the best one for you.

Question: I heard that natural boar bristles hair brushes are the best. Is it true?

Best hair brushes Hercules Sagemann

Answer: Yes, it is true. Natural boar bristles are a gold standard thanks to their ability to absorb natural oils (sebum) produced by hair roots and distribute them along the hair shaft, to promote shine and naturally condition weaker hair ends.

They are also able to remove environmental dirt, dust and cosmetic residues from the hair making the hair look and feel its best.

Question: What are boar bristle brushes made of?

Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brushes Answer: Boar bristles are obtained from the boar (wild pig) whose hairs are also widely popular in shaving brushes. Being a natural product, boar bristles are antistatic and their structure is very similar to the structure of a human hair. Responsible companies, like Hercules Saegemann (Germany), use boar bristles as a by-product of the food industry, without killing the animals or compromising their habitat.


Question: Are all natural boar brushes the same?

Answer: No. You can buy different brands of brushes with natural boar bristles and they will deliver different results. It all comes to the brush design and its suitability to your hair type. For example, the best brushes are traditionally made with premium, carefully selected boar bristles. Ideal brush should have medium density in order to reach the scalp and effectively brush through your hair. If the brush is too soft, then all it will do is it'll flex and pat your hair on the top without reaching the roots. In contrast, if the brush is too hard, it will damage the hair structure which will eventually lead to broken hair, split ends and less shine. Medium density bristles are usually suitable for both - gentle detangling, styling and general brushing.

Question: My hair is long and fine. What type of brush for fine hair do I need?

Answer: Long and fine hair often gets tangled and requires a very good brush capable of removing the knots without damaging hair. Brushes with pins can be helpful since their pins are usually longer than the bristles therefore, they effectively detangle hair without unpleasant pulling. Another benefit of the pins is they pleasantly massage the scalp, stimulating blood circulation in hair roots (follicles) which in turn helps produce more sebum with vital nutrients for hair growth and shine.

Hercules Sagemann Professional Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles Hercules Sagemann German Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles Professional Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles Germany

Question: My hair is thick and frizzy. Can you recommend a brush for thick hair?

Answer: You may find that brushes with longer bristles work better on thick hair. Again, it all comes to the density of the bristles. If they are too hard, they will not go through the thick hair and will glide on the hair surface. Another alternative may be brushes with combination of pins and bristles, or pins only brushes.

 Professional Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles Germany  Professional Hair Brushes Hercules Sagemann Germany    Professional Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles Germany

Question: I am looking for a professional round brush with natural boar bristles. What is the difference between Venteffect round brushes and brushes with a ceramic core?

Answer: Both types of hair brushes allow faster hair drying at lower temperatures. Venteffect maximises air flow, whereas ceramic barrel absorbs the heat and reduces the stress of heat when blow waving or drying your hair. Both work beautifully when made of the highest quality by a reputable manufacturer. It is a personal choice really to choose the best round brush type that will work for you.

Best Round Brushes Hercules Saegemann Germany Professional Round Hair Brushes   Professional Round Hair Brushes With Natural Boar Bristles


Question: I have just bought a boar bristle brush and it has lost a few bristles. It is normal?

Answer: Like all shaving brushes made with natural boar or badger bristles, hair brushes can lose a few bristles at the beginning. It is completely normal. However, shedding in well made hair brushes should stop after just a few uses. On average, 30-40 lost bristles should not be a concern and this should stop soon after you start using your brush regularly.

Question: You have so many beautiful brushes in your collection. How do I go about choosing the right one for me?

Answer: Our collection includes the world's best hair brushes made in Germany by Europe's heritage brand Hercules Saegemann. For over 160 years, Hercules has been producing high class luxury hair brushes and combs found in the most prestigious hair salons around the globe. When you buy a Hercules hair brush or comb, you buy the best in the world, the best in its class.

To help you narrow down the choice, here is a helpful guide:

 1) Define your hair type and how you will use the brush 

  • Hair teasing, general brushing, styling, detangling, massaging;
  • On wet or dry hair, etc

2) Are you looking for a round brush or traditional brush?

  • Round brushes are great for hair drying and blow waving. They come with pure boar bristles or combination of boar bristles and pins. Decide which of these you prefer. Then, decide the size. Usually, small brushes (core diameter up to 1cm) are used on short hair, medium (up to 2cm) – on short to medium hair, and large (over 2cm) on longer hair.
  • Traditional hair brushes come with handles with or without a cushion. 

Cushion hair brushes feel softer on the scalp thanks to pneumatic cushions which regulate the pressure you apply on the head during brushing.

Non-cushion brushes have bristles or pins set directly into the brush body. The key in such brushes is carefully selected bristles and pins which should provide the brushing effect and easily go through the hair.

Advanced design of the cushions in Hercules hair brushes allows air escape effectively through a tiny little hole (which should not be taken as a missing bristle taft). This makes Hercules brushes feel pleasant and gentle than most conventional widely available brushes, even if they are labelled by famous professional hair brushes brands.

3) Decide whether you would like a brush with:

  • Natural boar bristles only
  • Combination of natural boar bristles and pins
  • Pins only

4) Decide shape and size

Hercules Saegemann brushes come in 5 shapes: Oval, Paddle, Mini oval, Mini Paddle and Medium. You may want to consider a smaller brush to keep in your handbag or take along for travelling, while it is worth having a properly sized brush for use at home. Shape-wise, most of the time it is a personal preference and consideration should be given how much hair you have.

We hope this guide will help you find the answers how to choose the best hair brush. If you need more advice, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.