Best Winter Heat Bag is a Eco Hot Water Bottle!

Embrace the winter chill with the new generation hot water bottles made in Germany from eco sustainable thermoplastic! Hugo Frosch – a Bavarian based company - has been advancing the warmth science for over 15 years and truly knows how to protect from cold on a freezing winter day.

Hugo Frosch brought together the latest technologies and natural materials, to produce truly innovative and ecologically beneficial hot water bottles for everyone who would like to act in agreement with sustainability and ecological awareness.

Authentic “Made in Germany” quality protected by a patent confirms Hugo Frosch eco hot water bottles are the best in class. And they make perfect eco gifts to keep your loved ones cosily warm this winter.

Discover why Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are loved worldwide and enjoy this winter season.

Hugo Frosch eco hot water bottles are made of ECO sustainable thermoplastic

Eco Gifts

Unlike conventional hot water bottles made of rubber, Hugo Frosch uses high quality thermoplastic sourced from over 80% renewable sources, mainly sugar cane. The thermoplastic is free from softening agents (phtalats) and PVC.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard D6886 certificate confirms the bio-based nature of Hugo Frosch eco hot water bottles.


Made in Germany - Patented Hot Water Bottle

German hot water bottles All Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are made on the Bavarian premises in Germany. This is the symbol of the highest quality and a guarantee you can use them with peace of mind. The safety stopper closes properly so the hot water bottle is leak-proof and safe to use.

2 Years Warranty

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come with two years water tightness guarantee meaning you will enjoy them for a long time and with confidence.

In addition, they are recyclable, odourless and entirely rubber free. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

Every Hugo Frosch hot water bottle comes in a luxury soft cover. Trendy and classic, there is a hot water bottle for everyone! Choose from a variety of junior eco hot water bottles with cute kids covers to keep your little one warm and entertained. Or opt for indulgently soft knitted and lovely animal covers. Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are irresistible to the cuddle!

Hugo Frosch Eco Hot Water Bottle Owl Hugo Frosch Eco Hot Water Bottle Pug  Hugo Frosch Eco Hot Water Bottle Norwegian Deer Pattern  Hugo Frosch Eco Junior Hot Water Bottle 

In summary, the latest generation of hot water bottles, Hugo Frosch fulfils the requirements of the future and offers highly valuable eco gifts that are safe and environmentally friendly. So you can rest assured your loved ones feel warm this winter and contribute to the preservation of our nature.