Dual Sapphire Nail File by Niegeloh Solingen Germany When you think manicure, think nail file. It’s an easy way to add final touches to your nail grooming routine and also helps to create smooth and healthy looking nails. It’s no secret that the endless choice of different types of nail files adds confusion to your decision.

To help you choose the right one, let's look at the main types of nail files and how their unique attributes work with your nails.

Nail files have three characteristics:

  • Coarseness
  • Material
  • Size.


Coarseness relates to the uneven layer on the file surface and is described using the term 'grit'. Grit is the number of coating particles per one square centimetre. The higher the grit number, the smoother the file, and vice versa.

High-count grit is more delicate and tends to be used for detailed filing on natural nails. Coarse files, on the other hand, are used to file away length and to shape thicker nails, such as toenails or acrylic extensions. You need to decide what type of filing you will be doing and choose a file grit to suit the task.


Material plays an important role, as it determines the durability of your file and its performance. So, once you have settled on the best grit count, take a closer look at what material the file is made from. The combination of the two will suggest the most optimal nail file for your nails. 

Sapphire Nail File

 The sapphire file is a steel blade coated with fine sapphire dust. These particles adhere to the blade by a layer of nickel or chromium, which enables the dust to bond firmly and ensures the particles are not dislodged. These files usually have one coarse and one fine coating, so you can use the rough side for forming and the fine side for smoothing.

Sapphire nail files have a metal base and are better suited for thicker and stronger nails, as well as acrylic tips. One end is usually non-abrasive and is made to clean the dirt from under the nail tips, while the other end is often shaped as a cuticle pusher – allowing you to do a few tasks with just one tool.

Sapphire files are long-lasting and easy to clean.

best nail files Solingen Germany Dual Sapphire Nail File 17.5 cm by Niegeloh  Curved Sapphire Nail File 18 cm by Niegeloh Solingen Germany  best nail files Solingen Germany 
Professional Sapphire Nail File 12 cm   Dual Sapphire Nail File 17.5 cm  Curved Sapphire Nail File 18 cm  Travel Size Sapphire Nail File 9 cm


Glass Nail File

Crystal glass files have a great reputation for gentle shaping, thanks to their extra fine and smooth surface. Made of ground crystal and specially hardened at very high temperatures, they are made to last, although they require delicate care as they can break like any other glass.

Glass files have a high grit count and are perfect for fragile or thin nails. They are not the most practical choice for filing away the length of the nail, as their fine blades are not coarse enough to do this task easily.

It's best to trim your nails with nail clippers or scissors first, then follow up with a glass nail for refinement.

Quality Glass Nail File by Niegeloh
Quality Glass Nail File by Niegeloh

Emery Board

Emery boards typically have cardboard as a base, covered with emery. Emery is made of corundum, or aluminium oxide, and represents a fine grain abrasive powder. This structure can vary from fine to coarse and is generally very gentle on nails.

Most emery boards come double-sided, with two different grits on each side of the file. If you pick a dual-sided file, then you will be able to satisfy most of your filing needs. Emery board is perfect for filing down the length and smoothing out the edge of the nail. But ensure that you using the correct grit applicable for the task and your nail type.

The disadvantage of emery boards is their short life-span. You may need to replace your emery board every couple of weeks before the emery layer wears off, so it’s important to consider this when planning your ongoing nail care budget.

Set of 10 Emery Boards by Niegeloh Set of 2 Emery Boards 120/180 by Niegeloh  Set of 2 Emery Boards 240/320 by Niegeloh  Set of 2 Emery Boards 180/180 by Niegeloh
Set of 10 Emery Boards  Set of 2 Emery Boards 120/180  Set of 2 Emery Boards 240/320  Set of 2 Emery Boards 180/180


Size is probably the only factor that does not add much into the selection process for a great nail file.

The golden rule here – choose a nail file that you are comfortable to hold in both hands. Their length usually ranges from 9 cm to 18 cm, and depends on your personal preference.

Remember: good quality nail files won't damage the nail plate, which is important if you want to have strong and healthy nails.

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