Professional Nail Clippers TOPINOX By Niegeloh Solingen Germany

Tip 1 – Choose Quality Over Price

When it comes to choosing a nail clipper, quality of the metal will determine how long the clipper will last without losing its sharpness.

Fine steel composed of only high quality raw materials is the best choice, because it will keep its precision and cutting properties for many years, with proper use. If steel is also rust-free, such as stainless steel, then the clipper can be cleaned and sterilised, to maintain basic hygiene of your nails. 

Nail clippers from Solingen Germany have an excellent reputation around the globe, thanks to the finest steel that is made and hardened according to proven German technologies, which have been mastered for centuries and represent the best quality steel in the world. 

Tip 2 – Look For Perfectly Aligned Blades

Next, examine the blades and press the lever to close the clipper. If you can see a gap between the blades, then you are holding a clipper that will squeeze, instead of cutting your nails.

Well-made clippers (also called nail trimmers or nail cutters) have perfect alignment, with the two blades meeting up precisely. Quality nail clippers are sharp to prevent jagged edges and clip your nails smoothly, without any strain. In contrast, cheap nail trimmers are usually made of low quality metals, lose their sharpness quickly and may even tear, instead of clipping, your nails.

Evenly cut nails are the foundation for your professional looking manicure. So, if you want to have healthy and well-groomed nails, invest a few extra dollars to choose quality nail trimmers that will last a long time and cut your nails beautifully – every time.

Tip 3 – Use Correct Clippers

Consider, also, the idea of having two sets of clippers: one for the finger nails, another one for toenails. It makes sense. The cutting edge for toenails is wider compared to finger nail clipper, which is designed to shorten the nail in just a few easy snips.

German Professional Nail Clipper TOPINOX by Niegeloh  German Professional Toenail Clipper TOPINOX by Niegeloh

 Fingernail Clippers TOPINOX 

Toenail Clippers TOPINOX 

Tip 4 – Think Nail Clippers As A Gift for Men

Most men just love nail clippers and prefer them over any other manicure instrument. This is because nail clippers allow a delicate and precise cut, even on strong nails, and take just seconds to complete the entire job. Add a compact and elegant design that is easy to take anywhere and it’s no wonder that nail clippers are so popular among men.

So, if you are looking for a great gift idea for Him, look no further, as high quality nail clippers are always a welcome gift for men – perfect for business trip travel and no-fuss grooming that is convenient and quick.

High quality nail clippers set in leather pouch
Mens Leather Manicure Set IMANTADO S by Niegeloh

Tip 5 – Trim Carefully

Another advantage of nail clippers is that they can also be used for thick or fungal nails, without distorting the plate. However, if you have certain conditions, such as diabetes, trimming nails requires special care. Browse our Diabetes manicure and Diabetes pedicure instruments or see a specialist, instead of trimming nails yourself.

Tip 6 - Clean Your Nail Clippers Regularly

It is recommended that your nail trimmers are cleaned before and after each use. For this reason, trimmers must be made of high quality steel and be resistant to rust. Even if you are the only one using them, bacteria or viruses can stick to the blades and cause an infection. It is advised to soak them in soapy water and apply alcohol on the cutting edges or sterilise, if necessary.

At German Manicure Sets, you will find some of the best nail clippers in the world, such as the Niegeloh nail clippers TOPINOX. This award-winning nail clipper has a unique design that makes cutting nails comfortable and easy. The product has even been featured on Discovery channel, so it is definitely worth considering for your own at-home grooming needs.

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