The best manicure and pedicure instruments Solingen Germany

We continue the series of publications about how to select the best manicure and pedicure tools that will give you a long and reliable service.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the highest quality in professional nail instruments that gives a bang for your buck...


Question: My toenails are very thick and I struggle to find a tool that would actually cut them. Can you recommend high quality podiatry clippers for thick toenails?

Absolutely. When it comes to thick toenails, it is common to hear that choosing a high quality toenail cutter is a mission that is almost impossible. There are 2 problems to it. First, most pedicure clippers available today are made of soft steel which loses its sharpness after a few uses. Or, the toenail is too thick and it does not fit the clipper mouth. By choosing the specialised toenail clipper for thick nails, you solve both issues at once.

Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Cutter For Thick Nails Germany

High quality podiatry clippers, like Niegeloh Heavy Duty Toennail Nipper Topinox, are designed to serve the purpose and made with a wide mouth. So no matter how thick your toenail is, it will be able to grab it without you trying to squeeze it in between the blades. 

In addition to the wide opening, this nipper has strong and solid blades to easily cut tough toenails. 

 As with all high quality professional instruments for manicure and pedicure, the quality of the steel determines how long your nipper will last for. In other words, how soon and how frequently you need to re-sharpen the clipper. The advantage of the Niegeloh Heavy Duty Toenail Nipper is that it is made of strong grade, specially tempered surgical stainless steel Topinox. During forging, the steel has preserved the maximum amount of carbon responsible for the steel hardness. And the harder the steel, the longer the blades will stay sharp without any trouble of sharpening. 

So by investing in a high quality toenail clipper, you invest in neat, well presented toes that are very easy to take care of without worrying about constant sharpening or replacement.

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Question: I am looking for high quality cuticle clippers with sharp blades. Can you recommend professional cuticle clippers to achieve an easy and clean cut?

High quality cuticle clippers are hard to find. We hear this from our customers all the time.

The Best Cuticle Clippers Solingen Germany

“Sharp” is the key word when it comes to selecting the best cuticle clippers. To remove soft skin in the nail bed, the last thing you want to have is bleeding and swollen cuticles torn with blunt blades. Isn't it?


To avoid this problem, number one rule in selecting the best cuticle nipper is to look for the sharpness of the blade. Sharp and safely ground blades of the best cuticle nippers are achieved through manual honing. This of course adds to the clipper price, yet gives you peace of mind that you are buying a high quality manicure tool that will support your healthy nail growth. 


Highest Quality Cuticle Clippers Solingen Germany

One of the ways to determine if the clipper you have is a good one, is to squeeze the blades together. A good quality pair of cuticle clippers does not let light come through the blades. If they do, you are holding a defective nipper that will give you unsightly cuticles.

If you are not keen on catching an infection from tears and cuts, the best you can do is to replace the nipper and buy truly professional cuticle nippers that do not tear delicate cuticles.

Apart from manual sharpening, the hardness of the steel plays the biggest factor in determining how long the blades will stay sharp. It's not enough to buy a cuticle nipper that's sharp. It's important to buy one that will stay sharp for many years of regular use. This is largely dependent on the hardness of the steel in the tool. Generally, hard grades of steel give maximum durability of the blades.

Solingen cuticle nippers by Niegeloh are hand crafted from very hard stainless steel Topinox which preserves maximum carbon during forging responsible for the hardness. When you buy the Niegeloh cuticle nipper, rest assured you buy the highest quality cuticle cutter that is made in the heart of Germany until today. And it will give you decades of impeccable service without sharpening.

Question: You refer to clippers and nippers. What is the difference between these terms?

These words are often used interchangeably. In manufacturers' point of view, clipper is a cutter with the lever which you have to press down for the blades to close when trimming nails. Nipper is a pliers type tool with two handles that need to be squeezed together through the springing action. In our collection, you will find high quality German nail clippers, Solingen cuticle nippers and toenail cutters – all of the finest quality that will give you long and trusted service.

German Nail Clippers High Quality Made In Solingen Professional Nail Cutters Stainless Steel Made in Solingen Germany  
Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nipper  Niegeloh Solingen Nail Clipper 

Question: You have different styles of manicure scissors in your store. How do I know which is right for me?

We represent the best Solingen scissors by traditional German makers of high quality manicure and pedicure instruments. The best means they are perfectly sharpened and will stay sharp for a long time. Plus, authentic Solingen origin is a guarantee of their exceptional quality that conforms to the requirements of the highest quality manicure scissors set and strictly controlled by the German Government.

There are 5 manicure scissors types in our collection:

It is manufacturer's recommendation to use the scissors for the purpose they are made. For example, fingernail scissors should be used to cut nailon fingers only. Do not cut toenails with nail or cuticle scissors as they are not made to cut through thicker and stronger nail plates.
If you use and store the scissors correctly, Niegeloh manicure scissors will delight you with long lasting service and immaculate precision.

Question: I have been looking high and low for the best eyebrow tweezers. How good are your tweezers and which type suits me the most?

This is indeed a difficult task to find the high quality tweezers that would grab hair unmistakeably and without breaking it. The eyebrow tweezers in our collection are 100% made in Solingen Germany and are absolutely loved by professionals who have seen the world's best tweezers. So what makes Niegeloh eyebrow tweezers so different?

Best Eyebrow Tweezers by Niegelih Solingen Stainless Steel High quality tweezers Solingen Germany   First, it is the Topinox surgical steel DIN 1.4034 high quality stainless steel which goes through special tempering process and therefore, keeps the blades precise and shaped for a lifetime. 

For added benefit, Topinox is nickel free and rust proof.

Second, manual honing of the tips leaves no doubt the tweezers are able to grab the tiniest of hairs and remove them softly, without cutting at the root. This precision ability is meticulously tested before the tweezers leave the Niegeloh workshop, so rest assured the tweezers you'll receive have been tested by the engineers to add value to your eyebrow shaping and maintenance routine.

As with all Niegeloh products, the eyebrow tweezers are crafted in Solingen, Germany which confidently gives them a label of approval of the highest quality eyebrow tweezers you can trust.

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High quality Solingen Manicure and Pedicure Tools

When buying tweezers or manicure and pedicure instruments, always remember – the tools may appear sharp at the beginning. However, if you want to invest in a tool that will give you long lasting performance and outstanding quality, make sure that the products you buy are made by a reputable manufacturer and of strong grades of steel. Only then you can expect your instrument will last and won't need a replacement (hence hassle or money waste) for many years ahead.

We look forward to receiving your questions and assisting with choosing the best and most valued German made manicure sets, Solinen scissors, nail clippers, cutters and tweezers, to treat yourself or your loved ones.