Hans Kniebes Manicure Solingen Germany Hans Kniebes nail instruments have been the core of their business since the foundation of the family company almost 90 years ago. Over time, the brand's popularity has sprung beyond Germany as more and more people became familiar with the fine quality Hans Kniebes adds to their nail grooming routine. Carefully selected materials, ultimate precision and lasting sharpness – are all parts of Hans Kniebes' DNA to deliver the best quality nail care.

In addition to manicure sets and individual implements, the range today also includes stylish cosmetic bags, wallets and desk accessories skilfully crafted from the finest leather that accentuates the lasting value of their products.



Hans Kniebes: When Only The Best is Good Enough

Hans Kniebes Manicure

Exclusive HK Manicure nail sets in luxury soft leather cases offer the best quality nail care. Nail care instruments – whether made of stainless steel with a matt look, nickel-plated, or 24K gold-plated – are carefully made using advanced manufacturing techniques and traditional Solingen craftsmanship of metal engineering.

Skilful attention to every detail from forging to sharpening of each piece, results in premium Quality nail tools that offer a lasting performance, precision and sharpness to their users for years ahead.

Perfection is celebrated in every detail. For example, in some sets the handles of nail files and instruments are made from real buffalo horn where unique, natural beauty is elegantly combined with maximum functionality.

Hans Kniebes Solingen Inox Manicure Set For Women Hans Kniebes Solingen Luxury Inox Manicure Set Real Horn  High quality Solingen manicure sets   German Mens grooming gifts
Hans Kniebes Solingen Inox Manicure Set For Women  Hans Kniebes Solingen Luxury Inox Manicure Set Real Horn  Hans Kniebes Solingen Classic Inox Manicure Set Hans Kniebes Shaving & Nail Care Travel Leather Kit 

SONNENSCHEIN Exclusiv (English: Sunshine)

Solingen quality at affordable prices.

Sonnenschein Manicure

Almost 90 years of experience allows Hans Kniebes to streamline the production processes in order to reduce costs, without compromising functionality. All Sonnenschein products offer high quality and contemporary design at very attractive prices. Sonnenschein products quickly became an affordable luxury for lovers of quality manicure sets.

Sonnenschein German Maxi Manicure Pedicure Set Sonnenschein German Manicure Scissors Set High quality leather toiletry shaving bags dopp kits   Best travel shaving bags for men
Sonnenschein German Maxi Manicure Pedicure Set  Sonnenschein German Manicure Scissors Set   Sonnenschein Hamburg Travel Toiletry Bag With Nail Set Sonnenschein Bavaria Leather Toiletry Bag 



Specilised nail care instruments for people with diabetes


HK-Medicure professional nail tools are made specifically to care for sensitive nails and skin around nails and feature rounded design, offering you safer and gentler nail trimming. Most conventional manicure & pedicure tools are not suitable for people with diabetes as sharp edges and poor quality metal present significant risk of injury – the most unwanted event for someone with diabetes. 

Crafted from fine stainless steel, all HK-Medicure instruments are anti-allergic and rust-free, and can be easily sterilised to prevent an infection spread. Special hardening and precision-grinding ensure the implements will keep their original sharpness and perform beautifully, without distorting the nail, for a very long time. In addition, all HK-Medicure instruments have enrgonomic design and fit nicely into the hand, allowing maximum control and precise manoeuvring around the finger- and toenails.

HK Solingen Rounded Nail Scissors HK Solingen Rounded Cuticle Scissors  HK Long Handled Rounded Toenail Scissors  HK Solingen Rounded Pedicure Clippers  
HK Solingen Rounded Nail Scissors  HK Solingen Rounded Cuticle Scissors HK Long Handled Rounded Toenail Scissors   HK Solingen Rounded Pedicure Clippers

Hans Kniebes is a German brand loved by nail experts and everyone who want to take care of their nails with quality manicure implements. If you are after a quality manicure set or a nail tool that will perform beautifully for a lifetime, Hans Kniebes is your choice.

Hans Kniebes Manicure, Sonnenschein Exclusiv and HK-Medicure are now available in Australia.

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