Movember Moustache Grooming Tools 

With Movember just around the corner, it’s time to get your moustache grooming gear ready.

After choosing your moustache style and completing your research about moustache maintenance, having specialised tools is an absolute paramount to look well groomed during the hairiest month of the year.

In this article we talk about top six moustache grooming tools expertly made in Germany and designed to keep your moustache in pristine order. 

Complete Moustache Care: Hans Kniebes Moustache Grooming Kit (Germany)

HANS KNIEBES MOUSTACHE GROOMING KIT Hans Kniebes moustache grooming kit is a must have for a man with a Mo’. It comes complete with specially designed straight scissors to trim your moustache to a desired shape without any unpleasant pulling. Fine-toothed moustache comb is made of real horn for maximum durability and can be used to evenly distribute moustache wax or part your moustache in the middle. It’s also a useful aid when trimming. Dual nail file is included in case you need to file away a broken nail. Black leather case with silver etching keeps all tools well protected and handy, and makes the entire set a beautiful present for a moustached man. 

Complete Beard Care: Hans Kniebes Beard Grooming Kit (Germany)

HANS KNIEBES BEARD GROOMING KIT When moustache blends into a beard, it’s worth buying a specialised beard kit to take care of your whiskers. Hans Kniebes beard grooming kit features straight scissors with microserration on one blade, to avoid hair slipping so you can achieve an even cut. The blades are protected with a leather cap, to give you years of outstanding service. Small wood brush with natural boar bristles detangles and straightens the hair. Beard comb, made of real horn with a unique natural pattern, ensures your beard is kept neat and tidy. To complete the look, soft black leather case with a zipper keeps your beard tools handy and generous size fits other grooming gear, such as nail clippers.

Moustache Trimming Scissors: Hans Kniebes Beard & Moustache Scissors (Germany)

HANS KNIEBES GERMAN BEARD & MOUSTACHE SCISSORS Trim your moustache hair evenly and without any pulling with specially designed Hans Kniebes scissors. Straight blades are sharpened to perfection and grasp hairs easily. Micro-serration enables to hold hairs firmly and prevent from slipping during cutting. With manually adjusted screw, the scissors work very smoothly and effortlessly. Hans Kniebes moustache scissors are crafted in Solingen Germany, world-renown for ultimate quality knives that last many years with impeccable durability of the cutting edge. So too Hans Kniebes guarantees lifetime performance of their scissors and offers an excellent grooming tool for beard and moustache care.

Moustache Shaping: Niegeloh Solingen Straight Razor 5/8” Buffalo Horn (Germany)

NIEGELOH SOLINGEN STRAIGHT RAZOR 5/8” BUFFALO HORN HANDLE Solingen straight razors enjoy a tremendous reputation in the shaving world. Niegeloh straight razor is designed to last for generations and embodies the finest Solingen craftsmanship, to award you with invigorating shaving experience. Shave the area above and to the sides of your moustache for more definition. Thin and highly flexible blade allows an amazingly close shave by permitting the razor edge to flex and conform to slight facial contours and irregularities.


Moustache Detailing: Niegeloh Solingen Topinox Nose & Ear Scissors (Germany)

NIEGELOH SOLINGEN TOPINOX® NOSE & EAR HAIR SCISSORS For trimming moustache hair close to the nose or the lip, use Topinox scissors by Niegeloh Solingen. Specially rounded tips ensure you don’t cut sensitive skin, while sharp edges trim hairs smoothly and evenly. Topinox represents the best possible stainless steel quality and is made with absolute minimum amount of chemicals. Noble multitoned satin finish is complemented by a gold screw for added durability and ergonomic handles specially designed to fit men’s hands comfortably. And the good thing is that every man at some stage needs a pair of good scissors for facial hair, so keep these when you need to trim nose and ear hair for an entirely sharp look.


Moustache Combing: Hercules Sagemann Gents Hair Comb (Germany)

HERCULES SAGEMANN GENTS HAIR COMB IN LEATHER POUCH Hair comb is crafted by hand and features a compact design with a strong body made of vulcanised natural rubber called ebonite. Ebonite is practically indestructible and guarantees the comb should last a lifetime. Thanks to absolutely burr-free teeth polished to perfection, it glides seamlessly through the hair and leaves you with entirely groomed look in a matter of seconds. And you can use it for moustache, beard or goatee grooming too, thanks to the fine teeth. Soft black leather pouch is designed to keep the comb discretely in your pocket or a toiletry bag, so your moustache is always styled to perfection.

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