Best Natural Hair Combs Hair comb is likely one of the most used tools in everyone's daily grooming routine. By coming into contact with your coiffure multiple times a day, a high quality hair comb can significantly reduce the stress and damage if it's made to give gentle care to your hair.

It's worth investing in the best hair comb that gives maximum benefits to your hair, while creating a tidy look and naturally glowing, healthy hair.

In this article, we are looking at the most popular natural hair combs professionally crafted to the highest quality standards.

First of all, let's define what is a natural hair comb and why is it good for your hair?

Natural hair combs are made of natural materials, such as wood, rubber or horn. They are antistatic and therefore work best on natural hair prone to frizz. However, not all natural combs are the same.

While wood combs are lightweight and easily replaceable, they are abundant in tiny burrs that catch on hair. Even if the wooden comb is highly polished, it is not porous free because of the nature of any wood. Therefore, over time the wooden threads become more pronounced and are likely to accumulate dirt giving an unpleasant environment for bacteria growth. Also, when the wooden veins start to peel off, the wooden comb becomes less suitable for everyday use because the teeth catch or pull hair. This is especially true when you comb wet hair. If your comb is full of pieces that stick out from the core, rest assured you are doing a lot of long lasting damage to the hair.

Ox horn combs or buffalo horn combs are very strong, durable and antistatic. They have a similar structure to a human hair and glide perfectly by settling the static charge and gently removing the knots. However, horn combs are an animal byproduct, and therefore are not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

If you want to avoid broken or damaged hair, then choose the best seamless hair combs, like those made of hard rubber (also called Ebonite). Rubber, a white latex sap, is produced by living rubber plants and makes a perfect natural material that is antistatic and flexible. Through hours of vulcanisation under extreme temperatures, rubber becomes super hard which gives extra durability and resistance to heat and most common chemicals known in the hairdressing practice. So when you buy a natural hard rubber hair comb, you are investing in the health of your hair and make it feel and look its best.

Hercules hair combs Hercules Sagemann (Germany) has been crafting hard rubber hair combs since 1856. 

Hercules hair combs are black deep masterpieces are preferred by leading hair professionals around the world. Made by hand at their workshop near German Hamburg, they boast 100% seamless teeth and spine and work beautifully on all hair types without damaging sensitive hair cuticles. The result of using a natural hard rubber comb is shinier, healthier hair. Why? The teeth that are are free of any burrs whatsoever, glide perfectly through the hair – dry or wet, making the cuticles lie flat to each other. By smoothing the hair top layer, the hair reflects more shine and therefore, appears naturally more attractive. 


So if you are looking for the best natural comb, Hercules hard rubber combs should definitely be on your list of high quality combs for every day use on natural hair. And remember that healthy hair is created through balanced eating habits, healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep and use of high quality hair brushes and combs. So make sure that you invest in the best natural hair comb so your hair glows with shine and health.

Professional Hard rubber hair combs Hercules Sagemann Professional Hard rubber hair combs Hercules Sagemann German natural hard rubber hair combs  
Professional Hard rubber hair combs Hercules Sagemann Professional hair combs Hercules Sagemann Professional hair combs Hercules Sagemann