How To Take Care Of Mature Nails

Mature nails require special attention because as we get older, our nails, and especially toenails, become thicker and stronger. Suddenly, we face the fact that our nails require more care and we need to make some adjustments in the way we look after them.

Using specialised tools can make a huge difference in your nail care routine and also the health of mature nails.

It is true that cutting mature nails can be a scary proposition for many. And often the main reason is that people don't realise they have the wrong nail tools! Yes, not having the right nail tools can make cutting nails a daunting task, sometimes even a risky one.

Podiatrists and nail experts alike know that a quality nail tool makes the task safer, easier and more comfortable. If you do not want to risk your feet to an injury, invest in good quality nail instruments that are specially designed for cutting thicker and stronger nails smoothly and easily.

German manufacturers, such as Niegeloh Soligen and Hans Kniebes, understand the importance of producing nail tools that are suitable for elderly people. They make premium nail scissors and clippers that cut thicker nails safely without pulling or tearing.

Tip 1 – Invest in quality that will last and delight

This old saying is especially right for the elderly people. Spend a few more dollars on good quality German nail tools and enjoy better nail care for years ahead.

Perfectly sharpened and super safe – special tools for mature nails cut precisely and with minimum effort.

Niegeloh and Hans Kniebes make their instruments from hot-forged stainless steel which allows the cutting edge stay sharper for longer. Unlike conventional cheap instruments, these authentic German manicure and pedicure tools are guaranteed to last many years without blades going dull, therefore dramatically reducing the need for replacement and overpayment in the long term.

Tip 2 – Choose ergonomic design


Solingen Podiatry Clipper Topinox by Niegeloh  

Anatomically designed nail instruments offer the best possible fit in your hand and maximum control over nail cutting. For many elderly people this is of particular importance as they may not have full coordination or enough strength in their palm to cut thick nails.

Ergonomic design means you don't need to apply any force and can still enjoy even, smooth and easy cutting.


Tip 3 – Try anti allergic nail tools

Additional benefit for mature nail care is using nail instruments made of the highest grade stainless steel. In this type of steel, the alloys contain no harmful substances responsible for allergies or skin irritation. 

For example, Topinox stainless steel by Niegeloh Solingen is free from any nickel and makes a perfect companion for sensitive skin.

Antiallergic podiatry tools from Solingen Germany


Tip 4 – Maintain hygiene of your nail care routine

Mature skin and nails tend to be drier and are more susceptible to nasty bacteria. In addition to regular skin moisturising, it is necessary to ensure the instruments you use to cut nails are clean.
The best way is to sterilise them after every use and prevent any bacteria growth, especially on the hinges. Not every nail instrument is safe for sterilisation, therefore opt for high quality nail tools that are specially made for professional use.
Hans Kniebes and Niegeloh have a range of specialised scissors and podiatry clippers that are developed for podiatrists and salon experts. So you can rest assured you don't risk your manicure and pedicure to unnecessary infections.

Tip 5 – Don't ignore mature nails with special needs

Solingen Podiatry Clippers

Some conditions, such as diabetes, require extra gentle nail care. A tiny cut may lead to serious complications, including limb amputation. Therefore, using specialised instruments is paramount. 

If you want to reduce the risk of injuries when trimming toenails, then HK-Medicure line by Hans Kniebes is for you. The instruments in this collection feature rounded tips on the blades and are specially made for use on sensitive skin and nails.

Safety grinding of the blades helps to cut nails evenly and easily, without tearing or damaging the nail plate. 
These instruments are large in size and fit comfortably in the hand, to give you the best possible control and safer nail cutting.


Remember - over the years nail structure and density change, and using the right nail tools is important if you want to maintain your fingers and toes in a well-presented shape.