Xmas gifts for travellers

People who are often on the go know that the best travel accessories are those that help them maintain home routine.

They carry this sweet home feel and give reliable service, like your favourite beauty and grooming essentials you keep in your drawer.

When it comes to your self-presentation whilst on travels, it is particularly important to have consistent performance of your gear without any compromise of quality. At the end of the day, you do not want to sacrifice your nails to a poorly made nail clipper or your eyebrows to a cheap pair of tweezers. What you need is the best travel-friendly collection of everyday accessories that will keep your hair, feet, hands and face in tip top shape.

In this guide we have put together a collection of stunning Christmas gift ideas for frequent travellers who value the highest German quality close to their skin.

Christmas Gifts For Travellers' Hair:

If you are used to having a high quality hair brush or hair comb at home, chances are you will enjoy the same high quality in your travel pouch. Often, travel hair combs and brushes lack quality as the emphasis goes on their small, compact design that justifies the lower price. Don't get into this trap. Choose the best quality hair brushes and hair combs that do not damage your hair and do not result in split ends.

Ideally, your travel hair brush should be a mini copy of your hair brush you use at home, only in a smaller size. If you like boar bristle brushes, select a small bristle brush to keep in your luggage and treat your hair with the benefits of natural boar brushes. If your preference is high quality professional hair comb, choose a smaller size to fit into your pocket or cosmetic pouch, and your hair will be grateful for gentle care without pulling or breaking.

Here are a few suggestions of German hair brushes and travel hair combs by Hercules Saegemann that will delight with luxury quality and help restore silky shine whilst on travels:

High quality hair brush for travelling by Hercules Saegemann (Germany) Natural Boar Hair Brushes by Hercules Sagemann (Germany)   High Quality Hair Combs For Travelling Luxury Small Hair Combs for Thick, Long and Curly Hair 
 Detangling Hair Brush for Wet & Dry Hair  Natural Boar Hair Brush  Natural Hair Comb Seamless Gliding  Purse Hair Comb Wide & Long Teeth


Christmas Gifts For Travellers' Nails:

Travel manicure sets and travel pedicure sets are a must have whether you are heading to a warm or cold climate, since your hands alone, or hands and feet, are always on display. Unlike travel hair brushes and combs which are normally smaller, travel manicure sets are called travel because of the instruments configuration or collection, not their dimensions.

Popular space-saving compact manicure and pedicure sets for travellers often include a pair of high quality fingernail scissors, nail clippers, nail file and eyebrow tweezers. Having said that, individual preferences play a key role when it comes to selecting the best travel manicure set because ideally you want a set where every instrument is used, and not just travels in the case.

you are a lover of the best nail clippers, select a set with one or two pairs , for fingernail and toenail clipping. If you like high quality nail scissors, choose pointed ones because they have double function: regular width of the blades works well for regular fingernail trimming, while pointed tips neatly trim soft cuticles without tearing.

Whichever manicure or pedicure instrument you choose, make sure it's of the highest quality. German manicure sets are traditionally highly regarded for their excellent sharpness and long lasting durability. ZOHL manicure and pedicure sets boast the most advanced German quality, thanks to specially hardened surgical stainless steel and manually sharpened blades, which last many years without any need of re-sharpening.

The most optimal size of travel manicure sets is 3-5 high quality nail care tools in a compact, lightweight leather case. Excellent breathability, individual pockets to protect the blades during travels and luxury presentation makes it the most sought-after gift every traveller would like to have in their travel kit.

 Highest Quality Manicure Pedicure Set Made in Solingen, Germany ZOHL Solingen Travel Manicure Set SHARPtec Duo Germany  High Quality German Manicure Sets For Women Made in Solingen   Classic Solingen Manicure Set Made in Germany
SHARPtec Travel Manicure & Pedicure Set  SHARPtec Duo Travel Manicure Set With Self-Sharpening Scissors   SHARPtec Manicure Set For Women   Classic INOX Travel Manicure Set 


Christmas Gifts For Travellers' Face:

Here we'll talk about high quality instruments for the best maintenance of facial hair whilst away from home:

  • Eyebrows
  • Nostril & Ear hair 
  • Beard. 

There is no secret that smaller details are often overlooked when we are on a short journey, whether a weekend escape or a business trip. By the end of our travels all we need is an urgent beauty and grooming session with our favourite tools we are used to have in the personal care kit.

With a little help (or with a smart gift), you are ready to walk streets with pride even when your eyebrow tweezers are secured in the bathroom drawer until your return.

The easiest option here is to have essential tools in the travel pouch, so you don't forget anything behind. If you are among those who trust the highest quality close to your skin, then look at the ZOHL collection of ultra sharp and precise instruments SHARPtec. Made of specially hardened surgical stainless steel, they will be your reliable companions in every trip you are yet to make.

Simply select the instruments you are most likely to use when travelling and email us at sales@germanmanicuresets.com.au

We will then select the best leather pouch that fits all these tools and secures them in your luggage bag so they don't fall out. In this way, you receive a personalised travel kit where every tool gives great service and maintains your appearance as if you've just finished your home grooming.

Leather Toilertry Bags For Travelling Made in Germany Luxury Beard Grooming Set  Mens Grooming Set With large Solingen Nail Clippers, Sapphire Nail File & Klipser for Nostril Hair  SHARPtec Solingen Nail Clippers & Eyebrow Tweezers Travel Set 
 Toiletry & Shaving Leather Travel Bag  Luxury Beard Grooming Kit  Mens Grooming Set With Klipser for Notril Hair  SHARPtec Travel Set With Nail Clippers & Eyebrow Tweezers


If you would like more help with selecting Christmas gifts for travellers, we are happy to help. Get in touch via email or call 0450 578 128, and we will advise the best fit for your needs.

Happy festive season to everyone!