How To Shape Eyebrows Shaping your eyebrows involves patience, skills and diligence of regular tweezing, to maintain the clean, polished look of your eyes. With little practice and good quality tweezers, you can master the art of plucking perfect eyebrows that make a statement and attract compliments.

To achieve that flawless, face-framing arch, here are six useful tips for professional look eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Shaping Tip 1:   Use Quality Tweezers

Beautiful eyebrows start with good quality tools. You can follow all the right advice from beauty professionals, but if your tweezers are blunt and not aligned properly, the hairs slip through and the eyebrow plucking becomes a tedious task, rather than a pleasant experience.

Before you start plucking your eyebrows, ensure you've got the best tweezers that work for you and remember to disinfect them before and after each use, to avoid bacterial build-up.

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If you need help with selecting the right tweezer, read the article How To Choose EyebrowTweezers to find the perfect eyebrow tweezers for your specific tasks and requirements.

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Eyebrow Shaping Tip 2:   Tweeze After Shower

Warm water opens the pores and softens hairs, helping them slip out more easily and with less pain. A well-lit spot, ideally with lots of natural light, will allow you to see even the tiniest of hairs.

Eyebrow Shaping Tip 3:   Create The Perfect Arch

Find your natural arch by looking for three points: directly above your tear duct, your eyebrow's highest point and where the eyebrow ends – usually a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye.This is your ideal eyebrow shape.

Pluck below the brow to create a lift and around that shape, to remove unwanted hairs. Be sure not to create an arch with too much of a curve because it will look too unnatural.

Eyebrow Shaping Tip 4:   Get Close To The Root

Looking into a magnifying mirror, decide which hair you want to remove. Grabbing one hair at a time, pull it out close to the root, to avoid tearing and leaving an unsightly black dot on your skin.

Be careful though not to pinch your skin, as the tips of well-made tweezers are quite sharp to allow very precise grabbing of small hairs. To reduce pain, hold the skin above your eyebrow and tweeze in the direction your hair grows.

Eyebrow Shaping Tip 5:   Reduce Redness

When you are done tweezing, your skin might appear red or irritated. Most women prefer to perform their tweezing before bedtime, because by morning the irritation will be gone naturally, without any special treatment. Otherwise, you may gently pat your eye area with a cool damp cloth and just wait for a few moments until the redness disappears.

Eyebrow Shaping Tip 6:   Don't Overdo

Allow enough time for eyebrow tweezing and pull one hair at a time with a gentle, smooth motion. Take care to pluck only the stray hairs around the brow shape.

After pulling out a few hairs on one eyebrow, move to the second eyebrow, aiming for symmetrical results.

If you made a mistake and want to fix it, see a professional – they can help you find the perfect natural shape of your eyebrow and give you helpful tips for your at-home tweezing routine.

Enjoy your gorgeous eyebrows that frame your eyes beautifully and complete your style!

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