Gift Idea Manicure Set

Quality Comes First

It is easy to get lost among the many manicure sets available today. If you want your gift to be special and last for a long time, choose a high quality manicure set made of fine steel so it will always perform beautifully, without the implements losing their cutting properties. Solingen Germany quality has been known to the world for centuries and is guaranteed to please the receiver of such a gift, whether they are a beginner or a professional in nail care.
High quality also applies to the case.

Cases made of genuine leather protect the tools from damage and dirt, and they are a beautiful accessory that make the moment of giving even more wonderful. Your friend will remember you every time they take care of their nails.

Contents Of The Set

If you know which tools the person prefers to groom their nails, then you are on track to buy the right set because you can look for specific implements.

If you are not quite sure which instruments the person uses and want to play safe, then go for a set with a variety of tools. These sets often include scissors, nippers, clippers and a number of cuticle cleaners and pushers, to reach every tiny bit of the nail in accordance with individual shape and nail type. The more complete the set the better, as there is more choice of instruments to care for each part of the nail.

Another benefit of these sets is that they often contain tools for pedicure, such as toenail nippers or toenail clippers, so you are killing two birds with one stone. The receiver of your gift is sure to appreciate the usefulness of such a kit that will make the nail-grooming process easy, handy and enjoyable.

Examples of manicure sets that will suit any taste:

Luxurious Manicure Set For Women KROKO XL by Niegeloh  TOPINOX Manicure Pedicure Set CAPRI XL by Niegeloh Solingen Germany Glamorous Leather Manicure Set For Women DIABOLO M by Niegeloh   best manicure sets for men Solingen Germany
Luxurious Manicure Set For Women KROKO XL  TOPINOX Manicure Pedicure Set CAPRI XL   Glamorous Leather Manicure Set For Women DIABOLO M   Mens Leather Manicure Set IMANTADO XL 


Another way to approach a manicure gift set is to go for a set that contains up to five basic implements which are quite sufficient to create a neat and beautiful nail look.

Common versions of these sets are:

Premium Solingen Manicure Kit by Hans Kniebes  Best travel manicure set Made in Solingen Germany  best professional clippers set Made in Soligen Germany Sonnenschein Classic Manicure Kit by Hans Kniebes 
Premium Solingen Manicure Kit   Solingen Travel Manicure Set   Mens Leather Manicure Set  Classic Ladies Manicure Set 


Special Needs Manicure And Pedicure

If you know the person for whom you are buying has special needs, then consider adding specialised tools, such as diabetes manicure and pedicure nail care tools, which have rounded tools to minimise the risk of injury.

HK-MEDICURE Diabetic Rounded Nail Scissors by Hans Kniebes HK-MEDICURE Cuticle Nipper For Diabetics by Hans Kniebes  HK-MEDICURE Toenail Nipper For People With Diabetes by Hans Kniebes  HK-MEDICURE Pedicure Scissors For Diabetics by Hans Kniebes 
HK-MEDICURE Diabetic Rounded Nail Scissors   HK-MEDICURE Cuticle Nipper For Diabetics   HK-MEDICURE Toenail Nipper For Diabetics  HK-MEDICURE Pedicure Scissors For Diabetics 

For Him

And if you are looking for a practical and useful gift for your man, you will find a great collection of mens grooming kits.

For more ideas about manicure gift sets, view our beautiful collection of German Manicure Sets.

best manicure pedicure sets for men Solingen Germany Beard Grooming Kit For Men by Hans Kniebes Germany  best mens grooming kit Solingen Germany high quality shaving bags for men made in Germany
Professional Pedicure Manicure Set HAVANNA XL  Beard Grooming Kit For Men  Mens Shaving And Nail Grooming Kit  Travel Toiletry Bag With Nail Set