Christmas Gifts For Men

Looking for the best gift ideas to spoil your man this Christmas? Then check out our helpful guide of Christmas presents for men which includes German nail care sets, premium shaving razors, tastefully crafted leather toiletry bags and totally seamless hair combs and brushes.

Made in Germany by some of Europe’s oldest companies, they represent the highest possible quality that will last a lifetime and always please with impeccable performance.

Buy him a Solingen manicure set and he’ll have sharp, long lasting tools to look after his nails. Choose a German straight razor or a premium cowhide toiletry bag, and he’ll be forever grateful. Our selection of top German grooming accessories is sure to please any personality - from Modernist to Minimalist.

Here are 10 best Christmas gifts for men he will absolutely love:

Christmas Gift For Men #1: Niegeloh Imantado XL Manicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh Topinox Imantado XL Men's Leather Manicure Set

Imantado XL is a Mercedes in the nail care world. It is specially designed to cut strong men’s nails and contains 7 expertly crafted tools, including rounded ear and nose scissors.

The instruments are made of specially tempered Topinox stainless steel and feature perfectly sharpened, durable cutting edge. Each pair of Topinox scissors has gone through up to 18 precision grinding steps and features a 24 ct gold plated screw for maximum durability.

Soft black leather case with magnetic closure adds a masculine slant and protects the instruments from dirt and damage. Imantado XL comes beautifully presented in a premium gift box.


Christmas Gift For Men #2: Niegeloh Imantado Zip L Pedicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Niegeloh Topinox Imantado Zip L Pedicure Set Solingen Germany

Imantado Zip L is a stately companion for men’s pedicure with 6 ultimate Topinox instruments. Perfectly sharp and strong blades are specially designed to trim men’s toenails with ease and comfort, without damaging as seen with conventional tools. Topinox stainless steel, specially tempered to maintain its sharpness for a long time, guarantees easy and smooth cutting of very thick toenails.

Zippered leather case secures instruments in place and makes a perfect gift for a frequent traveller. Imantado Zip L comes gift-ready in a stunning gift box.


Christmas Gift For Men #3: Hans Kniebes Beard Grooming Kit (Germany)


Absolutely the best Christmas gift for a bearded man! Crafted in Germany, it is incredibly durable and will give him years of outstanding service. Complete with micro-serrated beard scissors, real horn beard comb and boar bristles beard brush, Hans Kniebes beard grooming kit is ideal for creating handsome beard styles with specialised precision tools.

The kit is beautifully presented in a soft black leather case with a sturdy zipper and keeps beard grooming gear handy, whether in the bathroom drawer or whilst on travels.



Christmas Gift For Men #4: Sonnenschein Manicure Set Voyage (Germany)

Sonnenschein Germany Voyage Manicure Set

Voyage stainless steel manicure set features excellent craftsmanship that combines superb quality, attractive design and functionality of its nail care tools. Sharp and durable cutting edge trims nails evenly and works equally well on fingernails and toenails.

Super light leather case with a metal zipper adds further practicality and makes travel grooming a breeze.


Christmas Gift For Men #5: Hans Kniebes Classic Inox Pedicure Set (Solingen, Germany)

Hans Kniebes Solingen Classic Inox Pedicure Set Germany

In this classic Inox pedicure set, Hans Kniebes blends stunning quality and expertise since 1926. Five top quality instruments are made of hot forged stainless steel and sharpened to perfection, so they trim strong men’s nails easily and last for a very long time.

Beautifully secured in a premium black leather case, it is a perfect Christmas gift for a man who recognises German quality and likes his nails look neat and well groomed. 

Christmas Gift For Men #6: Hans Kniebes Leather Toiletry Bag Frankfurt (Germany)

Hans Kniebes Leather Toiletry Bag Frankfurt Germany  

Hans Kniebes leather toiletry bag Frankfurt is a stunning Xmas gift for a modern man who likes his toiletries well organised. It is crafted in Germany from soft buffalo leather in dark brown with a truly luxurious feel. Framed design ensures the bag always stays upright and protects from unpleasant spills.

Excellent craftsmanship guarantees this toiletry bag will be the man's best travel companion for many years ahead.


Christmas Gift For Men #7: Sonnenschein Leather Toiletry Bag Hamburg (Germany)

Sonnenschein Leather Toiletry Bag Hamburg Germany

Distinctive feature of the Hamburg toiletry bag is the in-built German manicure set with 5 tools for manicure and pedicure. It is crafted in Germany from carefully selected cowhide black leather with contrast stitching. Robust zippers keep toiletries secure and organised during business trips or weekends away.

Perfect Xmas gift for a man who travels around and doesn’t like to leave his valuables behind.



Christmas Gift For Men #8: Hercules Sagemann Gents Grooming Comb in Leather Pouch (Germany)


Hercules gents hair comb is made in Germany by one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of exclusive combs and brushes since 1856. It is crafted by hand and features a compact design with a strong body made of vulcanised natural rubber (called ebonite). Ebonite is practically indestructible and guarantees the comb will last a lifetime.

Thanks to absolutely burr-free teeth polished to perfection, it glides seamlessly through the hair without unpleasant pulling. And it can be used for moustache and beard grooming too thanks to the fine teeth. Soft black leather pouch is designed to keep the comb discretely in a pocket or a toiletry bag.

Ideal Christmas gift for a man who likes only the top quality in his grooming kit.



Christmas Gift For Men #9: Hercules Sagemann Exclusive Boar Bristle Hair Brush (Germany)

Hercules Sagemann Exclusive Boar Bristle Hair Brush Germany  

There are just a few brands that manufacture the highest quality hair brushes in the world. Hercules Exclusive brush is the world’s first hard rubber brush made with almost indestructible, highly polished body.

With every brush stroke, natural boar bristles gently remove residues and dirt from hair, while preserving protective hair cuticles and creating silky shine.

Specially rounded nylon pins, set in a pneumatic cushion, detangle the hair and feel soft and pleasant on scalp. Hard rubber brush is guaranteed to last a lifetime, making it a perfect gift for a man this Christmas.


Christmas Gift For Men #10: Hans Kniebes Straight Razor 5/8” In Leather Pouch (Solingen, Germany)

Hans Kniebes Solingen Straight Razor 5/8" Germany

Hans Kniebes straight razor is a perfect gift for a man who prefers immaculate close shaving in good old style. It is engineered in Solingen – the steel heart of Germany and features a 5/8” hollow blade made of non-stainless carbon steel for added flexibility and sharpness. Luxurious walnut wood handle and black leather pouch add further style to his shaving routine and make it convenient for travelling or storing in the bathroom.


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