Solingen manicure tools Want your nails looking their best? Buffing and polishing are the icing on the cake but truly healthy, attractive nails begin with one important nail care detail: Cutting your nails. Unfortunately, too many people treat it as a chore, without giving it their full and careful attention. Result? Badly kept nails that don’t accentuate your hands – or your professional style.

Begin by choose quality over price. High quality cutting instruments for your nails ensure a neat, well-groomed cut. Whether you prefer scissors, nippers or nail clippers – they all serve for the same task: shortening nails. Whichever instrument you are using, ensure the quality leaves no questions, even if the packaging claims “fine stainless steel”.

High quality instruments, such as German Niegeloh or Hans Kniebes, are made of high-grade raw materials using technologies nurtured for centuries, and the investment in such quality pays off, because with some basic care and appropriate use, these specialist tools retain their sharpness and precision for many years. In contrast, cheap manicure and pedicure tools (which often simulate the look of world-renowned and trusted brands), are made of poor quality metals and get dull quickly, requiring frequent re-sharpening or replacement. Such instruments can tear your nail and cut delicate skin, setting you up for uncomfortable and potentially dangerous infections.

When it comes to great value and great nails, it is wise to buy the best tools you can afford, as an extra dollar spent here and there on precision, high quality nail care instruments will provide you with years of grooming pleasure.

Select The Instrument Type

Selecting the right tool for the task is also important. The style of the grip allows perfect control, sharpness of the blades ensure precision, and overall design adds comfort (and some sleek style).

On offer as nail cutting tools are nail scissors, nail clippers or nippers – either one can be used to trim your nails and which tool to use entirely depends on your personal preference. Some people find scissors give them the best control, others prefer nail clippers for their precision and ease of use, while nail nippers are often used by those who have naturally thicker nails.

The choice is yours and should be guided by precision and comfort of the tool.

 Solingen Professional Nail Scissors TOPINOX by Niegeloh German Professional Nail Clipper TOPINOX by Niegeloh   Solingen Quality Nail Nipper For Pedicure & Manicure by Niegeloh German Professional Heavy-Duty Toenail Nipper TOPINOX by Niegeloh
 Professional Nail Scissors TOPINOX by Niegeloh Solingen  German Nail ClippersTOPINOX by Niegeloh Solingen  Quality Nail Nipper For Pedicure & Manicure by Niegeloh Solingen Professional Heavy-Duty Toenail Nipper TOPINOX by Niegeloh 

Beware Material

Finally, material means a lot in choosing a nail cutting instrument. People with sensitive skin will benefit from anti-allergic nail instruments, which are free of potential irritants, such as nickel.

Stainless steel is considered the queen among different types of metals used in manicure and pedicure instruments. But stainless steel that you can find in a corner pharmacy or ‘$2 dollar’ shop may be of questionable origin and quality. Read “Steel Essentials in Manicure” to find out more about steel quality and plating methods used in manicure and pedicure implements.

Whatever precision nail care tools you choose to manage your nail care, safe storage ensures your instruments continue trimming your nails properly, for a very long time. Avoid dropping your tools and always keep them in a special case, to prevent blades getting dull. With proper use, your instruments will maintain your healthy, well-groomed nails for years to come and cut your nails neatly and comfortably – every time.

Select your quality nail cutting instrument from our beautiful Solingen collection of nail care tools here.