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You have bought a manicure set that has everything to suit your individual manicure needs and look after your nails with amazing precision. But how to make sure the instruments last and give you the longest possible service? 


Here are 6 simple tips to take the best care of your manicure and pedicure tools at home. 

Tip 1 – Always clean your nail tools after use

The simplest way to clean your nail instruments at home is to wipe them with a cotton round dipped in a small amount of alcohol. This way you will also prevent any bacteria spread.

Some instruments may not be resistant to humidity such as nickel or chrome plated steel. Therefore, take extra care to wipe them with a dry tissue to prevent rusting.

Tip 2 – Apply oil on the joints in between uses

To prolong life of your nail tools, apply a drop of oil on the screw or any hinge responsible for joining the parts together. This will help your tools work smoothly, last longer and avoid any corrosion.

Tip 3 – Use your tools for the right purpose

For example, never use cuticle scissors to cut nails because slim blades are designed to cut fine skin in the nail bed and not the nail edge. For cutting nails, the scissors usually have wider blades which makes them stronger and helps achieve a smooth cut.

Similar thing with the toenail cutting. Toenails are normally thicker than fingernails and require special tools that can grab the entire nail edge and cut it easily and evenly.

In short, use your nail tools for what they were made.

Tip 4 – Do not drop your nail tools

Take extra care to avoid any drop or damage to the instrument. If you let the instrument fall, not only it may damage the tips but also misalign the blades which will affect the cutting properties of the tool.

Tip 5 – Store your nail tools in a pouch or a manicure set

If you leave the instruments loose and unprotected, you may soon find they are not sharp or precise as they once were when you bought them. This is because other objects in the handbag or drawer (like keys) may damage precision parts.

A simple solution is to store the nail tools safely in a manicure set within a special compartment that helps protect the tools from damage and dirt. You will also be able to find them quickly when needed.

Tip 6 – Don't cut anything but nails

The name is “nail tools” so don't try to use them to cut plastic sheets or open that blister packaging. Using you nail tools only on your nails will make sure the cutting edge lasts longer and there is no unnecessary strain on the screws.

Following these 6 simple steps will help you enjoy your nail tools for a long time. Make it a habit and you will be forever grateful to your manicure instruments for a beautiful ad lasting performance.

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