Best German Hot water bottles by Hugo Frosch

Everyone knows the soothing feeling of warmth on a chilly day. Wrapped in a cosy blanket with a cup of your favourite tea, the only thing you need is the highest quality hot water bottle. Hugo Frosch, the German manufacturer of the world's best hot water bottles, has transformed the science of winter warmers.

By using advanced technologies and total rejection of rubber, Hugo Frosch challenges conventional heat packs and re-invents the art of traditional heating. Result – safer, more durable and reliable hot water bottles that can be enjoyed with peace of mind. 

Here are some interesting facts about Hugo Frosch that describe why they are the best quality hot water bottles:

 Fact 1: Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are 100% made in Germany

high quality hot water bottles Hugo Frosch Germany

From the very start, safety was the highest priority for Hugo Frosch – the Bavarian engineer who transforms simple things into amazing pieces of art by using advanced materials and the strictest quality standards.

Every Hugo Frosch hot water bottle is made using high quality thermoplastic free from nasty rubber odour and harmful substances.

Extra large mouth of the Classic line and patented fastener of the Eco line ensure they are safer to fill with hot water.

All bottles are safety-tested and come with 2 years water tightness guarantee which makes them some of the best hot water bottles in the world, with undoubtedly top quality in the premium segment. And until today, they are entirely produced in Germany to follow the rigid requirements of the German Government.


Fact 2: Hugo Frosch Eco hot water bottles are ethical products

natural hot water bottles Hugo Frosch Made in Germany Since its introduction in 2011, the Hugo Frosch Eco hot water bottle has been the most innovative hot water bottle the world has seen. Made of over 90% sugar cane and certified by ASTM Standard D6886, it is free of phthalates and plasticisers.

Hugo Frosch has always been very careful about use of resources, and their commitment to fossil carbon reduction and environmental sustainability makes their hot water bottles true Ethical products.

The latest version of the Eco hot water bottle with gold glittering surface re-confirms the premium status of Hugo Frosch natural hot water bottles above competition.


Fact 3: Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are very efficient for heat or cold therapy

best winter warmers Hugo Frosch German hot water bottles Whether for post-surgery recovery, menstrual pain soothing or pre-warming the bed, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come in a variety of sizes and textures, to cater for any need.

If you are after a flexible hot water bottle to wrap around a knee or to be used on small areas (like neck, for example), the Classic hot water bottle would be your choice. Classic hot water bottle comes in volume 1.8L and measures approximately 25 x 19.5cm plus the funnel.

Hugo Frosch Eco hot water bottles, in contrast, are firmer when empty and nicely soften when filled with hot water. They do not flex due to the dominant nature of the core material (sugar cane). Eco hot water bottles come in 2 sizes: 0.8L and 2L and measure approx. 14x 20 cm and 19.5 x 31.5 cm respectively. Small size is also very popular for travels and for kids.

Made of high quality thermoplastic without phthalates and rubber-free, all Hugo Frosch hot water bottles conform to the CE Medical Product Regulation 93/42 EEC Class 1.

Fact 4: Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are responsibly made

recyclable hot water bottles Hugo Frosch Germany Use of recyclable materials by Hugo Frosch helps to make a significant contribution into the sustainability of our planet. Every Hugo Frosch bottle is made of recyclable thermoplastic and therefore if you want to play your role in the eco sustainability, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are definitely the choice. 

In addition, Hugo Frosch engages in fair trade practices where hand made covers are produced without child labour.


Fact 5: Hugo Frosch hot water bottles comes in trendy covers and add a beautiful decorative accent

highest quality hot water bottles According to the founder of Hugo Frosch, if the design is beautiful but the quality does not work, it's useless. To highlight top quality all around, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come with high quality covers made of 100% wool, fleece, polyester or acrylics. They are true trend setters and nicely blend with any interior. 

Removable and washable at 30C, the covers protect from accidental burns and help the bottle stay warmer for longer. From confessions of our customers, these covers are thicker than regular covers, reducing the need to re-heat the water too often. Of course, heat retention depends on many factors, like water temperature you pour in, outside temperature and how the bottle is used. However, we are confident that Hugo Frosch hot water bottles will delight you with its premium quality and performance. 


If you want to try what the best hottie feels like, simply order your Hugo Frosch hot water bottle now and enjoy the comfort despite the weather behind the windows.

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