Niegeloh Solingen Nail Scissors Topinox Germany

Overwhelmed with Christmas gifts shopping and fast approaching culmination of the festive season? Don’t panic. We have selected last minute Christmas gift ideas to suit the budget and equip you with perfect gifts that are sure to delight.

Fantastic grooming kits and beauty tools for men and women are tastefully crafted to the highest standards in Germany - the world’s hub of the top quality products. Absolutely essential in everyone’s personal care, they are made to last and perform beautifully.

So keep the memories of Christmas 2015 and help your loved one indulge in their grooming ritual. Here are a few gift ideas for your last minute Christmas shopping:


Sonnenschein Germany Travel Leather Manicure Set (Germany)

Sonnenschein Germany Travel Manicure Set

Excellent manicure set for men and women who are often on the go. Beautifully presented in a classic black leather case, it includes four essential nail tools made of fine stainless steel. Sturdy zipper secures and protects the instruments whilst on travels.

This is a gift that will impress with perfectly sharpened and durable cutting edge and comfortable ergonomics of the instruments.


Niegeloh Solingen Nail Scissors Topinox (Germany)

Niegeloh Solingen Nail Scissors Topinox Germany  

Give them the scissors they will use for a lifetime and enjoy the even, smooth cut of their nails. Each pair of Topinox scissors has gone through up to 18 precision grinding steps to ensure the blades are sharpened to perfection and cut nail properly.

Noble multi tone finish and gold-plated screw add an exclusive character and complete the premium quality of these Solingen made manicure scissors.


Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Clippers Topinox (Germany)

Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Clippers Topinox Germany

Topinox nail clippers are hand crafted in Solingen – the steel heart of Germany. The blades are meticulously sharpened and aligned to achieve a smooth cut without distorting the nail. Topinox stainless steel is specially tempered and keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge for a very long time.

Niegeloh clippers have been featured on Discovery Channel for innovative design and make a perfect gift for keeping one’s toenails in neat shape.


Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nippers For Thick Toenails (Germany)

Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nippers For Thick Toenails Germany  

Many call it a real monster for cutting very thick toenails because it does the job in no time. Professional podiatry tool with extra strong blades and barrel spring is specially designed to trim very thick nails with perfectly sharpened cutting edge.

It works smoothly and leaves a neat, even edge without any effort. Nickel plating enhances rust resistance and ensures long lasting performance of the nipper.

Help your loved one enjoy their pedicure routine with highly durable and amazingly sharp pedicure tool.


Hercules Sagemann Bristle Oval Hair Brush (Germany)

Hercules Saegemann Bristle Oval Hair Brush Walnut Wood

Crafted by one of Europe’s oldest companies in premium combs and brushes since 1856, this brush offers maximum protection to the hair. Natural boar bristles help spread vital nutrients all along the hair so its looks and feels its best, while elastic pins gently detangle hair.

Anatomically designed handle is made of walnut wood and fits super comfortably in the hand for fatigue-free use.

Excellent Christmas gift for anyone who likes naturally beautiful hair glowing with silky shine.



Hercules Sagemann Detangling Paddle Hair Brush (Germany)

Hercules Saegemann Detangling Paddle Hair Brush

Detangling hair brush is a true wonder for those who have thick or long hair. Specially rounded pins feel pleasant on the scalp and improve blood circulation in the follicles. Pneumatic cushion adjusts the pressure you apply and conforms to the individual head shape.

It’s a perfect Christmas gift for men and women who appreciate long lasting quality in their personal care kit.


Hercules Sagemann Gents Leather Comb In Leather Pouch (Germany)

Hercules Saegemann Gents Hair Comb In Leather Pouch

Every man’s favourite, this premium comb is crafted by hand in Germany from vulcanised hard rubber and is almost indestructible. It’s hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished and glides perfectly through the hair thanks to the totally seamless surface.

Compact in size, it fits discretely in any pocket and helps men on the go look after their hair.



Hercules Sagemann Lady Star Hair Comb (Germany)

Hercules Saegemann Lady Star Hair Comb

Totally seamless surface, no hair damaging burrs as seen with ordinary combs makes this comb a great gift for women. It is made in Germany from start to finish in 35 primarily manual steps to achieve absolutely amazing gliding ability without unpleasant ripping or pulling.

Lady Star comb can be used on wet or dry, long or short hair, or for spreading conditioners and colours. It’s heat and chemical resistant and is completely antistatic.

Lovely Christmas gift she will enjoy for a lifetime and think of you with a beautiful smile every time she styles her hair.



Topinox Solingen Slant Tweezers (Germany)

TOPINOX Solingen Slant Tweezers Blue Germany  

Professional tweezers for plucking eyebrows or removing bodily hair are made to do the job unmistakeably. Crafted from Topinox stainless steel – Niegeloh’s best in professional quality, they are flawlessly aligned and sharpened, to grab each hair without missing. Vivid blue colour makes the tweezers easy to find in the handbag or home grooming kit.

Authentic German quality is the best Christmas gift that will delight your loved one for many years to come.


Hans Kniebes Dusseldorf Leather Cosmetic Bag (Germany)

Hans Kniebes Dusseldorf Leather Cosmetic Bag

Excellent compact leather bag for keeping small travel toiletries handy and secure. It is crafted by German experts in top end leather goods.

Carefully selected and remarkably soft cowhide highlight the everlasting value of this bag which will please the most discerning traveller.



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