High quality toenail cutters for tough toenails Solingen Germany

Cutting thick toenails can be a daunting task if you don't have the right tool. As we get older, our toenails get tougher and pedicure tools we once used do not seem to do the job any longer.

Having a high quality toenail cutter solves this problem, so making your toes look neat and well presented can be as easy as it used to be.

But what makes the best toenail cutter? How to choose the best podiatry clippers?

In this article, we look at the main aspects to look for when buying high quality nail clippers for thick toenails.

As with any professional pedicure instrument, there are 3 key factors that determine the quality of the tool:

  • Sharpness
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics, or Ease of use 


Sharp Toenail Cutters by Niegeloh Solingen Germany

Sharpness – is what most of us are looking for. At the end of the day, you want a quality nail cutter that trims your nails easily instead of chewing them.

And while sharp blades are important, so is the quality of the steel which determines durability of the blades.


Durability of the cutting edge, or how long it will stay sharp before sharpening or replacement, is determined by the steel quality.

There are hundreds of steel grades that differ in alloys and hardness. Generally, the harder the steel, the longer the blades stay sharp. If you want to get the best quality and the longest use for the money you pay, choose professional podiatry clippers made of hot forged steel which keeps the blades sharp for decades of regular use.

Forged Manicure and Pedicure Instruments Made in Solingen Germany

For example, Solingen toenail cutters by Niegeloh and Hans Kniebes, are crafted of forged stainless steel which is treated under extreme temperatures and changes its molecular structure during the process.

Even with regular use on thick toenails, the blades in these clippers stay sharp for a lifetime and do not require any re-sharpening. 

In addition, these manufacturers recognise the impact of steel on developing allergies. To alleviate this problem, they created hypoallergic stainless steel to suit most types of sensitive skin. So by buying a Niegeloh nail cutter or Hans Kniebes toenail clipper, you buy the best nail clipper you and your toes will enjoy.

Ergonomic design

Comfortable handling is a must have for precise toenail cutting. For optimal control, choose clippers with long handles to fit in your palm, strong blades and wide mouth to grab very thick toenails. The clipper should sit firmly in your hand to allow easy manoeuvring.

Best Podiatry Clippers Pedicure Clippers Toenail Cutters Solingen Germany Also, use the technique of professional engineers to check how precisely the blades meet up. When you squeeze the handles and the blades close, no light should be coming through. If you are able to see the light, then the blades will not perform the neat cut and will chew your nails instead, by leaving rugged and unhealthy looking nails.

 Remember that 

German Pedicure Clippers Solingen Nail Cuters

The Best Nail Clippers

are still made in Germany.

Traditionally, German nail cutters represent top quality professionals trust. Solingen – a small town in north-western Germany and the motherland of the world's best cutlery, is the symbol of the best quality manicure and pedicure instruments. Made to meet the strictest standards of the German Government, Solingen nail clippers, scissors, nippers and tweezers are sure to delight you with impeccable sharpness and durability of the cutting edge for a very long time.

That's why many professional podiatrists choose Solingen nail cutters for trimming thick toenails to achieve that easy and smooth cut.

Let us know if you would like any help in choosing the best toenail clipper to cut thick nails. Contact us on sales@germanmanicuresets.com.au and we will be happy to assist you select the best podiatry tool to suit your needs.