Mothers Day Gift Ideas It is an honour to have your mum close when the world celebrates Mother’s Day. Even if life keeps you far from each other, it is an excellent opportunity to get in touch and say Thank you which will warm up the heart of every mum. Thank you for being there for when we need you. Thank you for your wise advice. Thank you for giving direction and instilling confidence. Mother’s Day is a day to remember and honour your mum in a special way. 

As it often happens, many of us feel unsure of what to give or feel lost in gift ideas. If you want your Mother’s Day gift to be unique, undoubtedly high quality, safe and practical, then this guide is for you. We focus on 3 needs every woman of any age has, to feel and look great.


Hands & Feet

Whether your mum frequents a salon or prefers to do her nails in the comfort of her home, having a high quality manicure and pedicure set is a must have for maintaining her hands and feet.

ZOHL manicure sets are made in Germany from fine stainless steel with perfectly sharpened blades, so they cut nails beautifully without chewing or breaking. And the beauty of ZOHL nail cutters is that they retain the cutting edge for a very long time thanks to special hardening of the steel, which keeps the blades sharp for many years, without any need of re-sharpening.

For mums who prefer salon procedures, it is a wise idea to give her own manicure and pedicure set which will be used exclusively to take care of her nails only, thus eliminating any risk of contracting an infection from poorly maintained salon instruments (yes, it happens a lot and it’s better to be safe than sorry, so help your mum to enjoy salon visits with peace of mind). Maxi manicure set by ZOHL would be safe choice as it is complete with 11 professional manicure & pedicure tools, to take care of every part of the nail.

Choose a beautiful manicure set like Grazia in the elegant red leather case, or classic Premier with self-sharpening scissors. And she will enjoy professionally made nail care tools that leave her nails and cuticles in a beautiful shape. 

Many manicure sets come with pedicure tools, so in one set your mum will have everything for all-round care of her fingernails and toenails.

ZOHL Professional Complete Manicure Pedicure Set Maxi (Germany)  ZOHL Solingen Complete Manicure Set Grazia  ZOHL Solingen Manicure Pedicure Set Premier With Self-Sharpening Scissors ZOHL Pedicure Set For Thick Tough Toenails (Germany)


Many mums have surely heard of the benefits of natural boar hair brushes and if yours does not have one yet, it is a good idea to give your mum a high quality boar bristle hair brush made by the German experts in luxury hair combs and brushes. Hercules Sagemann, the anchor of the world’s finest hair care tools, has been producing the best hair brushes and combs since 1856. This German brand is found in the most elite salons who trust only the best professional brushes and combs on their client’s hair.

Hercules hair brushes are made with carefully selected bristles of a wild boar, which are obtained as a by-product of the food industry without harming the animals. Boar bristles are well known for distributing natural oils from the scalp to the ends, which helps conditioning weaker ends and prevents splits. Also, boar brushes help restore silky shine thanks to gentle detangling effect and preservation of sensitive cuticles in the top layer. As a result, hair improves its structure, and it looks and feels its best.

Hercules collection of hair brushes includes different types:

1) Cushion brushes great for creating a pleasant feeling as the cushion adjusts the pressure you apply during brushing.
2) Round boar brushes perfect for blow waving and drying hair with maximised air flow
3) Detangling brushes that can be used on both wet and dry hair, to remove knots gently without pulling or damaging the hair.

Hercules Sagemann promise is when you buy a Hercules brush, you buy the best in the world, the best in its kind. So your mum will certainly enjoy the premium quality of Hercules brushes and we guarantee she will never go back to inferior quality.

Hercules Sagemann Boar Hair Brush  (Germany) Hercules Sagemann Round Boar Brush Venteffect (Germany)   Hercules Sagemann Detangling Hair Brush Hercules Sagemann Wood Hair Brush

Eco Warm Up

Mother’s Day officially marks the start of the cold season that often brings shivering chill to many houses. To help your mum stay warm and comfortable, choose the most innovative German made ECO Hot water bottle by Hugo Frosch.

It is made of over 90% sugar cane and does not contain any rubber. It is free from harmful substances, PVC and plasticisers. ECO hot water bottles come with a patented fastener and two years warranty against leaks. Further, they meet European safety standards and can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Comfortable finger support makes them safe for filling, while stunning covers add a lively touch and make a beautiful piece for interior decoration.

If your mum happens to need heat therapy or cold therapy, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are fantastic for that too, as they retain the temperature for a very long time.
Choose from our collection of German hot water bottles that have received the highest appraisal from hot water bottle lovers all over the world.

Hugo Frosch ECO Hot Water Bottle  Hugo Frosch ECO Hot Water Bottle (Germany) Hugo Frosch ECO Hot Water Bottle (Germany)  Hugo Frosch ECO Hot Water Bottle Germany

Whatever gift you choose this Mother’s Day, remember to give your mum your love, attention and smile. She has made it all and most of the time her efforts went unnoticed.

Thank you to all wonderful mothers! We wish you great time with your families and lots of good health and happiness! team