Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Searching for Mother's Day gift ideas? You've come to the right place. Our latest guide suggests exceptional quality German beauty gifts every mum desires in her beauty kit.

Made in Germany, high quality gifts for mum are sure to delight her with hard to find performance, tested & trusted German quality and long lasting durability.

Any woman who would like to live her life without looking back at the age, would love her hair shine like in the older days, her fingernails to be a part of her style and her toenails to be a beautiful and well-presented accessory in the open sandal season.

Choose the perfect gift for your mother among the best German manicure sets for women, high quality boar brushes and professional pedicure tools from our luxury collection. Help your mum continue to look her best despite the years.

Shop Mother's Day Gifts For Beautiful Hair

Hair is a crowning glory of every woman who likes to appear elegant, beautiful and charming. Unfortunately, after the years of using poor quality hair brushes and combs, the hair gets ripped, loses its shine and breaks. To help your mum restore the former shine, choose the best and undoubtedly highest quality hair brushes for women made by Hersules Saegemann (Germany).

Hercules Saegemann is the world's heritage company that has been sustainably producing luxury hair brushes with hand graded bristles of a wild boar for over 160 years. Founded in 1856, Hercules brushes and combs have been world's masterpieces for the most gentle hair care.

Made in a special way with meticulous control of how the brush feels on the scalp and the hair, Hercules Sagemann hair brushes smoothen protective cuticles and support growth of healthy hair.

And based on the amazing feedback from our customers, we confidently guarantee that once your mum tries a Hercules brush, she will never go back to inferior brushes. 

High quality boar bristle hair brush by Hercules Saegemann Germany Natural boar bristle hair brush by Hercules Saegemann Germany   High quality round brush with natural boar bristles by Hercules Saegemann   High quality boar hair brush for blowdrying by Hercules Saegemann
 Natural Boar Bristle & Pins Paddle Brush   Natural Boar Bristle Classic Oval Hair Brush   Natural Boar Bristle & Pins Round Hair Brush   Natural Boar Bristle Blow Dry Hair Brush 


Shop Mother's Day Gifts For Beautiful Fingernails

Neat, well-presented fingernails on mature hands add charm and make mum's hands look more beautiful, elegant and looked-after. However, with age our nails become thicker and require professional nail cutters that can trim thick nails easily. No matter whether your mum does complete manicure or just maintains her nails in a good shape without much detailing or nail polish, she needs high quality manicure instruments that cut her nails smoothly without sharpening for years and years.

German manicure sets by Niegeloh, Hans Kniebes and Sonnenschein are sure to be a treasured gift she may have been trying to locate for a long time. Truly high quality, authentic German nail tools are hard to find. If you want to help your mum take care of her nails, choose the best German manicure sets in luxury leather cases that will give her a long lasting and reliable service without any worry of re-sharpening.

Perfectly sharpened cutting edge, strong grade steel and gift-ready presentation in genuine leather cases, our German Manicure Sets collection has a manicure set for every taste and need.

If you need help of how to choose a best manicure set for your mum, read our post or get in touch via or 0450 578 128 to receive friendly assistance.

High quality manicure set for women in black leather case by Niegeloh Solingen (Germany) High quality Solingen manicure set for ladies in luxury leather case by Niegeloh Solingen (Germany)    Stainless steel manicure set for women in luxury leather case made in Germany by Hans Jniebes-Sonnenschein  German manicure set Sonnenschein 5 pcs in luxury leather case

Shop Mother's Day Gifts For Beautiful Toenails

Has your mum ever told you her foot care is no longer easy and she struggles to trim her toenails because no tool is capable of cutting her thick toenails? It's common among ladies over certain age and rarely gets admitted. Even if your mum does not ask you for a high quality nail clipper, you may want to consider buying one because toenail care in elder age becomes a chore.

There are many reasons for that. One, mature toenails are thicker and require professional pedicure clippers for thick nails. Second, the absolute majority of clippers are made of very soft steel which dulls after a few uses and requires frequent sharpening. So help your mum enjoy beautiful pedicure without wasting money on replacement tools. Buy her a high quality pedicure set made in Germany, sharpened to perfection and with guaranteed precision of the cutting edge.

With smooth joints, comfortable ergonomics and strong blades, German nail clippers from our collection trim toenails easily. They are useful and great tools even for women with a limited strength in their hand or conditions like arthritis. Give her the best pedicure clippers, trimmers, nippers or scissors and you will hear how much she enjoys to take care of her toes, as well as see the confidence she has when wearing open shoes.

High quality manicure and pedicure set in leather case Stainless Steel Complete Pedicure Set (Sonnenschein Germany) German Pedicure Set Made in Solingen In Luxury leather case High quality podiatry clipper for thick toenails Solingen Germany  

We wish you a wonderful celebration of this special day and would be delighted to provide assistance with choosing the best gift for your mum this Mother's Day.