Moustcahe Grooming Kits

If you've decided to join the Movember Foundation for the first time, well done!

Not only you are contributing to this praiseworthy cause, but also creating a new look that would identify you as a member of the Movember crew.

To help you succeed in growing your moustache for the next 30 days, we've put together a useful guide for beginners so you walk the streets with pride.

Basic Facts

Moustache whiskers can be flat or stray. When short, the hairs stay close to the skin and give more space for experiments with different moustache styles. That's why it is the most popular option for men new to wearing a moustache.

In this case you need to trim your moustache regularly so the hairs don't overgrow as just a few loose long whiskers can change the way you look.

Get inspiration from looking at your own photos and observing the passers-by – you are sure to get a few ideas what a good moustache looks like.

Simple style can be just as beautiful as a style of an experienced man with a moustache. If it suits you the most and you feel comfortable, chances are you will stick with it.

Moustache Care

Like any hair, moustache needs to be washed regularly. Combing helps remove tangles and straighten the whiskers, to prepare for hassle-free trimming and shaping.

Moustache shampoos, balms, oils and creams are essential in maintaining your moustache in good health and reduce itching.

But before you worry about moustache care, think about the basics for achieving your desired Mo - high quality Moustache grooming tools. You will need Moustache scissors with straight blades that are perfectly sharpened and a fine toothed moustache comb.

The best moustache grooming kits contain both and are made in Germany. Hans Kniebes – a traditional Solingen company has been producing some of the most renowned male grooming kits since 1926 and their Moustache kits in stunning leather cases are sure to impress.

The scissors feature microserration that helps whiskers stay in the position for a clean cut, while straight blades trim evenly and don't pull hairs. Large rings fit perfectly mens fingers and give maximum control over moustache shaping.

Pick your tools today and be proud of yourself by making a footprint in the plausible Movember initiative!


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Sonnenschein Germany - Moustache Leather Kit  Hans Kniebes Solingen - Moustache Leather Kit  Hans Kniebes Solingen - Beard Grooming Kit   Hans Kniebes Solingen - Beard & Moustache Scissors