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This Mother’s Day, give your mum attention and love. Thank her for her efforts, dedication and care she put to provide the best for you. Give your mum a gift that will evoke the best memories and remind of the great experiences and adventures you have had together through the years. 

To help you choose the best gift for your mother, we have put together an exquisite selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas your mum will enjoy for years and feel you closer every time she holds them. These ideas come from the heart and make the occasion even more special and memorable.

Steeped in the traditional European craftsmanship, our Mother’s Day gifts are distinguished by excellence in performance, perfection in durability and distinction in design. These are authentic everyday luxuries crafted to delight and make a difference in your mum’s daily routine.

Here are top 10 gift ideas for this Mother’s Day:


Diabolo L Leather Manicure Set by Niegeloh (Solingen, Germany)

Mothers Day Gifts 

Gorgeous gift and every woman’s favourite, the Diabolo manicure set is beautifully crafted to keep mum’s nails in perfect shape. It comes in a stunning wallet-like genuine leather case, complete with seven tools for manicure and pedicure. The instruments are made in Solingen Germany – the mark of the highest quality that the cutting edge will stay sharp and precise over a very long time. Special nickel coating enhances rust resistant properties of the tools, with the brushed finish adding a touch of luxury and sophisticated look. The set includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors, a nail file, slant tweezers, nail nippers, a cuticle pusher and a cuticle knife.

Café Do Brazil M Leather Manicure Set by Niegeloh (Solingen, Germany)

Excellent gift for the mum on the go, to help maintain her manicure and pedicure compliment-worthy. Remarkably soft luxury leather case in rich ristretto tone instantly creates the feeling of luxury and great taste. Included are four nail instruments made in Solingen Germany of top grade stainless steel. Solingen is world renowned for the ultimate cutlery that stays sharp through many years of use, so rest assured your mum will be delighted by the sharpness and precision of the tools steeped in authentic Solingen craftsmanship. It’s a perfect compact manicure set that will last many years and become an irreplaceable companion during travels.


HK Pro Leather Manicure Set by Sonnenschein (Germany)

 German leather manicure set HK Pro

Beautiful, functional and durable – HK Pro manicure set offers the world-loved German quality for the woman who likes the fine things in life. Beautifully presented in the red leather case with an elegant curve, this manicure set has a truly feminine character. It includes seven high quality manicure instruments made in Germany of fine stainless steel. This manicure set is an ideal gift for a mum who likes to do her manicure herself and prefers to detail her cuticles using specialised cuticle tools, like the cuticle nipper, cuticle knife and cuticle pusher. It’s a great gift for use at home or on the go, with the zipper securely protecting the tools from dirt and damage. Genuine leather case highlights the long lasting value of the set and adds a touch of luxury to your mum’s nest manicure.


Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle & Pins Hair Brush Exclusive Oval (Germany)

 Hercules Boar Brislte & Pins Hair Brush Eclusive

Every woman recognises the power beautiful hair makes. Whether your mum has short or long hair, she no doubt likes when it glows with silky shine and health. Hercules Sagemann has been producing the finest hair brushes and combs since 1856 and the Exclusive brush is their signature in the hair world. Exclusive oval brush is made with natural boar bristles (15 rows) which have been sustainably sourced and selected, to effectively spread natural oils from roots to the ends. With every brush stroke, the hair receives vital nutrients that condition the hair all the way long, and help it look and feel its best. Nylon pins gently detangle the knots and massage hair follicles to support growth of healthy hair. The body and handle are made of highly polished, 100% natural hard rubber which has been vulcanised and is almost indestructible. If there is anything your mum must have for her daily hair care, it’s the best hair brush that will help her hair look naturally beautiful.


Hercules Sagemann Lady Star Hair Comb (Germany)

Hard Rubber Hair Comb Lady Star Germany 

Lady Star hair comb by Hercules Sagemann is the best possible comb for a woman who knows that stunning hair starts with the right hair tools. For over 150 years, Hercules Sagemann has been manufacturing the deep black masterpiece recognised to be the best in the world, the best of its kind. It is crafted in Germany by hand from vulcanised natural rubber and is entirely seamless. Burr-free surface and rounded teeth ensure the comb glides perfectly through the hair without unpleasant ripping or pulling, and feels pleasant on scalp. The wide and extra wide teeth make it a versatile comb for the shower, detangling of wet and dry hair as well as general styling. Lady Star is antistatic, heat and chemical resistant, non-porous, strong yet flexible. It’s a must-have in every woman’s beauty kit to keep her hair healthy and shiny. Length 20 cm.


Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle & Pins Round Brush With Ceramic Convection (Germany)

Hercules Boar Bristles & Pins Ceramic Round Brush  

To create a beautiful hair style and add an amazing kick, Hercules Sagemann round brush offers the ultimate quality every woman needs to achieve that elegant bounce of her hair. Natural boar bristles distribute vital nutrients from roots to the ends while straightening the hair and giving it necessary energy. The bristles are sustainably sourced without killing the boar pigs and are carefully selected to achieve the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. Rounded polyamide pins guide hairs gently through the brush and effectively remove the knots. The pins are heat-resistant and antistatic. Ceramic coating around the barrel helps distribute the heat evenly and reduce the drying time. Luxury wood handle with improved ergonomics is non-slip and feels great in the hand. It’s a great gift for a mum who takes care of her hair with the best tools and likes well-styled hair glowing with silky shine.

Podorape Foot File (France)

 Podorape Callus And Corn Foot File

Remember how much your mum was running after you when you were a kid? Now it’s time to look after your mum’s feet with the best foot file professionally made in France by a podiatrist specifically for mature skin on the feet. It is much more effective than a pumice stone and much less aggressive than a metal rasp. It is great for removing tough corns and calluses without any risk of cuts. Durable surface has a coarse side and a fine side so your mum’s feet will feel soft and smooth like years ago. Generous handle fits perfectly in the hand and is super comfortable to hold. Podorape is designed to work perfectly on thick skin and is ideal for people sensitive to the corn plane. Help your mum remove unpleasant corn and callus and enjoy her pedicure again.


Leipzig Leather Toiletry Bag by Sonnenschein (Germany)

 Sonneneschein Leather Toiletry Bag Germany  

Help your mum keep her toiletries organised in the luxurious toiletry bag Leipzig crafted by the German experts in top-end leather goods. It is made in Germany of the finest cowhide with distinctive grain pattern and is designed to last. Whether as a bathroom accessory or for use on the go, Leipzig’ compact size and framed design is sure to delight with great functionality and premium look. The main compartment houses one zippered pocket and three sleeve pockets on the inside, and a zippered pocket on the outside. It is easy to wipe clean when necessary thanks to synthetic lining. Contrast stitching adds further style and handy strap makes the toiletry bag carry around easily. Great gift if your mum appreciates exclusive quality and likes to keep her toiletries in good order.

Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottle With Luxury Felt Cover 1.8L (Germany)

Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottle Luxury Felt Cover Germany 

Help your mum keep warm and cosy this winter with the latest and most innovative hot water bottle by Hugo Frosch. Unlike conventional rubber heat packs, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are made of high quality thermoplastic and come with two years warranty. They are independently safety tested to meet the British Standard 1970:2012 and are safe to use. Extra large mouth makes filling with hot water comfortable and easy. Luxury felt cover is crafted by hand from 100% merino wool which is distinguished for its thermoregulation properties and helps retain the heat for longer. To pre-warm the bed or rest in the couch - the Hugo Frosch hot water bottle is absolutely irresistible to the touch and is sure to look after your mom on a cold winter day. Authentic German quality is the guarantee of superior performance and difference you mum will appreciate.

Hugo Frosch Eco Hot Water Bottle With Luxury Owl Cover 0.8L (Germany)

Eco Hot Water Bottles With Dog Cover and Safety Sttoper

How about giving your mum an eco gift? Hugo Frosch’s latest innovation is the eco sustainable hot water bottle made from more than 80% renewable sources. It is a significant advance in the environment sustainability and a gift for an eco-conscious person. Eco line comes with a patented fastener and is free from PVC or plasticisers. It has been tested by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard D6886. All Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come with two years water tightness guarantee and can be used with peace of mind. In addition, they are 100% odourless because there is no rubber contained. The cute knitted cover with a smiley owl is sure to put a smile on your mum’s face every time she cuddles it. It is a perfect source of warmth and a bedroom accessory, and makes a perfect gift your mum will enjoy and use lovingly.