German Manicure Tools, Tweezers, Scissors, Clippers

New year around the corner, it's time to set new objectives, find new inspiration and prepare a FEEL & LOOK GOOD Plan for the year ahead.

In this article, we have put together A Special Gift Guide to help you look your best with high quality German beauty and grooming tools. 

Treat yourself or give them as special gifts to your loved ones, and enjoy stunning and confident self presentation.

First, let's talk about the Hair.

As the saying goes, your hair is a reflection of you – your health, your style and your self management. If beautiful hair is on your style agenda, then having high quality hair brushes and combs is the first step to achieve the compliment worthy coiffure. We have made a selection of most prestigious German hair brushes and combs by Hercules Sagemann (Germany).

Hercules Sagemann is the world's most renowned manufacturer of luxury hair combs and brushes since 1856 and their masterpieces make an ever welcome gift for those who like the look of naturally healthy hair glowing with silky shine.

Hercules Sagemann boar brushes are made with natural dense boar bristles which reduce frizz and spread vital nutrients all along the hair, to nourish it all the way through. Heat resistant pins gently detangle and massage the head, to stimulate the growth of healthy hair. Special pneumatic cushion regulates the pressure you apply when brushing, so the brush feels very pleasant on the scalp.

Hercules Sagemann hair combs are hand made through 35 meticulous steps and boast an entirely seamless surface. Unlike plastic combs, they don't have any hair damaging burrs that pull or rip sensitive cuticles, and glide perfectly though any hair, wet or dry. This is particularly important if your hair is prone to thinning.

Every Hercules Sagemann comb is heat resistant, twist resistant and antistatic. Plus, they are made of natural material - vulcanised hard rubber which is very strong and almost indestructible. So you will enjoy your comb for many years to come without unpleasant breaking.

Remember - when you buy a Hercules Sagemann, you buy the best in the world, the best in its kind.


Hair Brushes & Combs for Long Hair

Hercules Sagemann Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush Oval Germany Hercules Sagemann Bristle & Pins Hair Brush Large Oval Germany  Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristles Round Brush Venteffect Hercules Sagemann Seamless Handle Comb 
 Exclusive Boar Bristles & Nylon Pins Hair Brush  Wooden Boar Bristles & Polyamide Pins Hair brush  Boar Bristles Round Brush Venteffect  Seamless Handle Comb


Hair Brushes & Combs for Short to Medium Hair

Hercules Sagemann ROund Boar Bristle Brush Medium  Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristles Ceramic Round Brush Hercules Sagemann Seamless Mesh Comb   Hercules Sagemann Seamless Hair Comb Mini Star
Boar Bristle Round Brush   Boar Bristle Ceramic Round Brush  Seamless Mesh Comb  Seamless Hair Comb Mini Star

Hair Brushes & Combs for Knotty Hair

Hercules Sagemann Detangling Paddle Brush Hercules Sagemann Detangling Nylon Pins Hair Brush   Hercules Sagemann Seamless Detangling Hair Comb Hercules Sagemann Wide Toothed Hair Comb Germany 
Detangling Paddle Brush  Detangling Nylon Pins Brush  Seamless Detangling Comb  Wide Toothed Hair Comb 


Hair Brushes & Combs for Curly and Thick Hair

Hercules Sagemann Detangling Nylon Pins Hair Brush Hercules Sagemann Extra Wide Toothed Hair Comb Seamless  Hercules Sagemann Extra Wide Teeth Hair Comb For Thick Hair Seamless Magic Mini Star  Hercules Sagemann Extra Wide Toothed Hair Comb for Curly and Thick Hair
Detangling Nylon Pins Brush  Extra Wide Toothed Comb Magic Star Extra Wide Toothed Comb Magic Mini Star  Extra Wide Toothed Styling Comb

Hair Brushes & Combs For Kids Hair

Hercules Sagemann Small Detangling Hair Brush  Hercules Sagemann Small Detanging Hair Brush For Kids Hercules Sagemann Hair Detangler For Kids   Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle & Nylon Mini Oval Hair Brush
 Small Detangling Hair Brush Piccolo  Small Detangling Hair Brush Piccolo  Seamless Hair Detangler  Small Boar Bristles & Pins Hai Brush


Next, let's talk about Nails because they make an important part of your daily appearance.

High quality nail instruments make a whole difference in nail care. Whether you like to do your own manicure or frequent a salon – beautiful nails always complete good presentation.

The best manicure and pedicure tools are traditionally made in Germany, in the beautiful city of Solingen. Solingen has been the steel heart of German metal engineering since the 14th century and it is here where the world's best cutlery is made.

Niegeloh and Hans Kniebes are among a handful of modern Solingen manufacturers that carry all production steps in Solingen. They make the best nail tools that are highly durable, precise and sharp. No wonder they are so popular among leading European beauty professionals that use only top quality tools for the benefit of their client's nails.

The instruments are made from fine steel and come with perfectly sharpened cutting edge. Meticulous tempering of the steel helps the cutting edge stay sharper for longer without the need of sharpening. So forget about tools that go blunt after a few uses. Invest in high quality manicure and pedicure instruments to make regular nail care a moment of pleasure.

Clippers for Very Thick Toenails

Niegeloh Solingen Clippers For Very Thick Toenails Germany  Solingen Nail Nipper Topinox For Thick Nails Niegeloh Solingen Clippers Set For Very Thick Toenails Germany  Hans Kniebes Solingen Manicure & Pedicure Leather Set Germany 
Solingen Clippers For Very Thick Toenails Germany  Solingen Nail Nipper For Thick Nails  Solingen Pedicure Clippers  Leather Set For Very Thick Toenails  Solingen Manicure & Pedicure Leather Set

Podiatry Clippers for Mature Nails

Solingen Podiatry Clippers Stainless Steel Germany  Solingen Podiatry Clippers Stainless Steel Germany Solingen Podiatry Clippers Stainless Steel Germany  Solingen Germany Ingrown Toenail Clippers Stainless Steel  
 Solingen Podiatry Clipper  Solingen Podiatry Clipper   Solingen Podiatry Clipper   Solingen Ingrown Toenail Clipper

Fine Cuticle Scissors & Clippers

Solingen Slim and Fine Cuticle Scissors Topinox Germany Extra Fine & Slim Cuticle Scissors Topinox Solingen Germany   Solingen Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper Germany  Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher & Knife Solingen Germany
 Slim Cuticle Scissors Topinox  Extra Fine Cuticle Scissors Topinox  Professional Cuticle Nipper  Cuticle Pusher & Knife

Nail Scissors & Clippers for Kids Nails

Baby Nail Scissors Solingen Germany Stainless Steel Baby Nail Scissors Antiallergic Solingen Germany  Solingen Small Nail Clipper Topinox Germany  
Antiallergic Baby Nail Scissors Topinox  Antiallergic Baby Nail Scissors Inox Style n4 Antiallergic Nail Clipper Small    


Don't forget about the Eyebrows.

On our face, every small detail matters. You don't want to speak with a client or feel embarrassed over a date dinner with stray hairs sticking our of your eyebrows or chin. Invest in a high quality pair of tweezers to help you achieve a clean facial look and remove unwanted hairs at the first attempt.

Here we have selected the most popular German tweezers by Niegeloh Solingen. They are made of the best possible Topinox stainless steel, specially tempered to keep original precision for many years ahead.

Choose the best tweezers from various styles – slant, straight, claw and point - and enjoy unmistakable tweezing.

German Eyebrow Tweezers Topinox  Best Eyebrow Tweezers Germany Solingen Professional Eyebrow Tweezers Solingen Germany  Best Eyebrow Tweezers Germany Solingen 
 TopInox Eyebrow Tweezers Slant  TopInox Eyebrow Tweezers Claw   TopInox Eyebrow Tweezers Straight   TopInox Eyebrow Tweezers Point


What about grooming tools for the Beard?

Those who are growing beard or moustache know that specialised beard tools are paramount to creating a well shaped beard. Experienced beard owners agree that having high quality beard scissors, beard comb and beard brush is what you need to achieve the style and shape that suits your face the most.

Hence, look at these German beard tools and have them handy – whether in a bathroom drawer or whilst on travels, to maintain your beard in a good shape.

German Leather Beard kit  German Leather Beard & Moustache Leather Kit German Beard & Moustache Leather Kit  German Straight Razor 5/8" Real Horn
 Beard Grooming Leather Kit  Moustache Grooming Leather Kit  Beard & Moustache Grooming Leather kit  German Straight Razor 5/8" Luxury Buffalo Horn 


In the new year, we wish all our customers Good Health and Happiness!

And if you are looking for great gift ideas or need advice on choosing the best beauty and grooming tools, we'd be happy to assist you. Call 0450 578 128 or email