Best Mothers Day Gifts

Beautiful Mothers Day gift added to an elegant bouquet of flowers makes the occasion even more special.

The gift that will put a smile on her face when you are not around. The gift that will evoke happy memories about you being a little child and the fun you had together. The gift she will enjoy from the moment she opens the box.

Explore Mothers day gift ideas from our stunning collection of German everyday luxuries and pick the best gift for your mother.

No matter the age, every mum wants to look beautiful. To help her look her best, choose the world's finest beauty tools she will love. From high quality manicure sets in luxury leather cases, premium boar bristles hair brushes to specialised podiatry instruments for her pedicure, you are sure to find the gift that will impress her. Made in Germany – the home of the world's top quality products, these tools are sure to give unmatched performance and long lasting service.

So here is the selection of the finest gifts for your mum this Mother's Day:

Manicure Leather Set Diabolo L by Niegeloh Solingen (Gemany)

Niegeloh Solingen Manicure Set For Women  

Beautifully presented in the gorgeous leather case, this manicure set includes highly popular instruments for womens manicure and pedicure. Classic black leather case is stylishly offset by the shiny nickel finish of 7 high quality German tools made to the highest professional standards.

Authentic Solingen nail instruments are traditionally considered among the best by professional beauticians. They are sharp, precise and long lasting. Coupled with Niegeloh's dedication to produce top quality, the Diabolo leather manicure set promises professional style nail care for many years to come.

It's classic, durable and feminine – excellent gift suitable for all mums.


Travel Manicure Leather Set by Sonnenschein (Germany)

German manicure set for women

Even if your mum frequents salon to get her nails done, this pocket manicure set will be an ever welcome gift whilst on travels or as an accessory in her beauty kit in case a nail accident occurs.

Complete with 4 stainless steel nail instruments, this set is beautifully made to trim nails easily and smoothly, without any damage. The tools are stylishly presented in the red leather case secured with a zipper.

Ideal gift for your mum's handbag.


Natural Boar Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush by Hercules Sagemann (Germany)

Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush

Every woman is precious about her hair, and most likely your mum is no exception. To help her hair glow with natural shine and stimulate the growth of healthy hair, select this exceptional hair brush made by Europe's oldest manufacturer of the best hair brushes.

Hand crafted in Germany, this brush is constructed with natural boar bristles and nylon pins. Dense and antistatic, the bristles spread vital nutrients from roots to ends and condition the hair so it looks and feels its best.

This brush ideally suits women with thick, long or curly hair. It gets close to the scalp and gently detangles the knots, while massaging the head with flexible nylon pins.

Highly polished handle made of natural hard rubber is perfectly balanced in the hand and helps with general brushing and styling in a fatigue free way.


Natural Boar Bristle Paddle Hair Brush by Hercules Sagemann (Germany)

Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle Paddle Brush Luxury Wood

As we get older, our hair naturally tends to lose its silky shine. Add pollution, exposure to airconditioned air and use of poor quality hair tools, the hair starts looking dull and may require special treatment. The first step to remedy hair is to get the best hair brush.

Hercules Sagemann (Germany) knows how to create absolute the highest quality hair brushes for women. Hercules brushes are made by professionals and used by the leading hair experts around the world. By using only hand graded bristles of wild boars (obtained in a sustainable way as a pass-by product), Hercules hair brushes help restore healthy look of the hair.

This paddle brush is packed with pure boar bristles and gives the best care for everyday brushing. Thanks to special cushion, the brush feels very pleasant and soft on the head. It gently removes the knots and settles hair frizz, so your mum can enjoy a great hair day every day.

Pedicure Tools

Solingen Pedicure Instruments

High quality podiatry tools are a gift with distinction. Every one who has got nails needs the best instruments to keep their toes in a good shape. Help your mum maintain her pedicure by giving her professional toenail clippers made in Germany with meticulously sharpened cutting edge. 

Unlike cheap alternatives, these clippers don't chew nails. Rather, they smoothly and easily remove excess length - and do it with minimum effort. They are perfect for women with limited strength in their hand due to the ergonomic design. 

Looking after mature nails is not a spoken topic, yet finding high quality podiatry instruments your mum can use at home is a difficult task. Thick and often curvy, mature nails require speciliased tools. Give your mum a German nail clipper and you'll be praised for the difference it makes in her pedicure chore.  

And if she gets her pedicure done professionally, then she'll appreciate professional nail clippers that she can bring along to the salon and rest assured she is the only one to use them.

Enjoy this Mother's Day and bring your mum lots of happy moments to remember.

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