Solingen Pedicure Instruments Germany 

Best pedicure tools are essential for keeping your toes in tiptop shape. If you like to do your pedicure yourself, choose Solingen pedicure instruments that are preferred by the leading podiatrists and pedicure experts worldwide. Authentic Solingen nail care instruments are crafted in Germany and offer the highest possible quality for toenail care.

They are perfectly sharpened and cut beautifully without tearing nails, even if your toenails are quite thick. From cutting to shaping, Solingen tools transform usual pedicure routine and help achieve salon results at the comfort of your home. 

Here are top 10 Solingen pedicure instruments to help your feet glow in open sandals this summer.


Pedicure Tool 1 – Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Scissors Topinox

Solingen Long Handles Nail Scissors Topinox by Niegeloh Germany

Crafted in Germany from specially tempered stainless steel Topinox, Niegeloh long handled toenail scissors are designed to cut toenails smoothly. The cutting blades have gone through up to 18 precision grinding steps and are perfectly sharpened. This means you will achieve an even nail edge without unpleasant tearing.

Ergonomic design ensures minimum effort and very comfortable grip, to give you the best possible control for trimming toenails. For added value, the screw is gold-plated for extra durability and adds an exclusive character.



Pedicure Tool 2 – Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Clippers Topinox

Solingen Clippers Topinox by Niegeloh Germany 

Niegeloh toenail clipper features innovative design and super sharp, perfectly aligned blades. It was featured on Discovery Channel and there is no other clipper like this one. The bolts are sourced from Switzerland and are similar to those used by the leading watchmakers. This makes the clipper very stable in hand and easy to use.

Large mouth means you need absolute minimum number of clips to shorten your toenails. Topinox stainless steel is specially tempered and keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge for a very long time.



Pedicure Tool 3 – Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nippers Topinox

Solingen Nail Nipper Topinox by Niegeloh Germany

Solingen nail nipper Topinox by Niegeloh offers maximum comfort thanks to strong solid blades and pliers-type grip. It is a perfect tool if your toenails tend to be thicker than usual or if you have extended nails. It takes a very soft squeeze to achieve a perfect edge.

And if you are left-handed and don’t feel comfortable using regular nail scissors, you may find this nipper particularly comfortable.

Topinox nipper features a multi-tone finish and represents Niegeloh’s best in professional quality. So it will last a lifetime and cut your nails beautifully with the cutting edge staying sharp for a very long time.



Pedicure Tool 4 – Niegeloh Solingen Toenail Nippers Heavy Duty Topinox

Solingen Nail Nipper Topinox For Thick Toenails Barrel Spring by Niegeloh Germany

Best pedicure tool for very thick toenails is made in Solingen – the city in Germany known as the City of Blades. Niegeloh nipper continues the traditions of fine Solingen metal engineering and features a spring barrel and extra strong blades which trim very thick toenails in no time. Non-slip handles provide the best grip and maximum control.

Size-wise, the nipper has received excellent feedback from customers who absolutely loved how well it feels in the hand. Topinox stainless steel used in this nipper is of the highest surgical grade and keeps its cutting properties for a very long time. So if you have very thick toenails, you will be delighted by the Topinox toenail nipper because it makes toenail care easy and hassle free.



Pedicure Tool 5 – Hans Kniebes Solingen Ingrown Toenail Nippers

Solingen Ingrown Nipper by Hans Kniebes Germany

Ingrown nails can be debilitating and painful. Cut ingrown nails with specialised podiatry tools like Hans Kniebes toenail nipper which is designed for smooth removal of ingrown nails. It features strong and narrow blades that slide easily under the ingrown part of the nail and trim it off with minimum effort.Pointy tips help to do so even in hard to reach areas.

And the good thing is that you can use it for cutting ingrown toenails as well as for regular nail cutting. Double spring works smoothly in the hand and well-balanced handles provide a comfortable grip. Inox stainless steel makes it completely sterilisable and suits for professional or at home use.



Pedicure Tool 6 – Niegeloh Solingen Topinox Sapphire Nail File

Solingen Nail File Topinox by Niegeloh Germany Once you’ve trimmed the excess length, you may need to smooth out the nail edge so it doesn’t catch on hosiery or socks. Use the Topinox nail file which is entirely made of Topinox stainless steel, including the handle. It is very strong and won’t break easily. In addition, the sapphire grains are adhered to the blade by sufficient layer of chromium which means you will enjoy the nail file over a very long time. It can be washed and disinfected to maintain the hygiene of your pedicure ritual.

Pedicure Tool 7 – Niegeloh Solingen Sapphire Nail File Curved

Solingen Nail File Curved by Niegeloh Germany

It’s not uncommon for toenails to be slightly curved. In this case you may find that using a curved nail file gives you better reach and helps round the nail edge better. Niegeloh sapphire nail file features dual surface and generous length (18 cm) so it can be used on large toenails easily. Rosftrei blade is resistant to rust and can be washed when needed. Sapphire particles are evenly adhered by sufficient amount of chromium and ensure even filing. This nail file can also be used on fingernails as well as toenails.



Pedicure Tool 8 – Hans Kniebes Stainless Steel Corn Plane

Solingen Germany Corn Plane Stainless Steel

Remove tough corns and calluses with professional corn plane crafted in Germany entirely from stainless steel. Solid design means that the handle is very strong and won’t break easily when you apply pressure. Moreover, it is fully sterilisable and hence is a favourite among salon experts. The corn plane comes with a pack of 10 Solingen replacement blades sharpened to perfection. So you can groom your feet the moment you open the package.


Pedicure Tool 9 – Podorape Corn and Callus Foot File

Podorape Corn and Callus Foot File

Next, smoothen the skin with professionally designed Podorape foot file. Podorape is developed by a French podiatrist and takes into account everything you expect from the best foot file. It features a durable, dual-sided surface which removes corns and calluses easily. Generous size handle is very strong and provides the most optimal handling.

Podorape is recommended to people with sensitive foot skin, such as diabetics, because it presents no risk of awful cuts and can be a safer alternative to a corn plane. Finally, it can be easily cleaned with most common disinfectants. Podorape is absolutely indispensable in your pedicure kit if you like healthy looking feet.



Pedicure Tool 10 – Niegeloh Solingen Imantado Zip L Pedicure Set

Solingen Pedicure Set Imantado Zip L by Niegeloh Germany

If you like to keep your pedicure tools in one convenient place, then choose the Imantado Zip L pedicure kit which includes the best Solingen pedicure instruments carefully protected in a sleek leather case. That way you will have essential tools for manicure and pedicure, including tools for thick toenails.

And what can be easier to carry when you are away from home and want your feet to look groomed? Zippered case protects the implements in individual compartments so the cutting edge is not damaged and lasts you years. Imantado Zip L comprises of the best quality pedicure instruments crafted in Solingen Germany from the Topinox stainless steel. It is a gift that will delight for a lifetime and ensure the toenails always look their best.


Enjoy the open sandal season with the best Solingen nail tools designed to take care of toenails and complete the sharp summer look. If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you further. Simply call us on +61(0)450 578 128 or email