Baby shower gift ideas

Delight the parents-to-be with fantastic baby shower gift ideas made by German artisans for essential baby care. Lovingly crafted, they make a gift with a difference.

Looking after baby's nails and hair is only a small but important part of baby care routine that can be enjoyed with cute smiles or spoilt with tears. Choose the gifts that will help new parents with this task and they will be forever grateful.

In this article, we have selected a collection of the highest quality baby shower gifts by German craftsmen. They are specially developed for babies and kids and sure to impress with impeccable performance.

If you are looking for a gift that will be great, useful and reliable, here is the selection of top 6 baby shower gift ideas.


Baby Shower Gift Idea 1 – Niegeloh Baby Nail Scissors Topinox

Solingen Baby Nail Scissors Topinox Germany by Niegeloh

Crafted by hand in Solingen Germany, these scissors are an absolute wonder for trimming tiny soft baby nails. Anti allergic stainless steel Topinox does not contain any nickel and is perfect for sensitive baby skin and nails. Further, the tips have gone through up to 18 precision grinding steps and ensure a smooth, even and almost unnoticeable trim.

Rounded design and safety grinding of the blades make the scissors entirely baby-friendly and ensure the safest possible baby nail cutting. Gold-plated screw and noble satin finish highlight exclusive character and ultimate durability, so the scissors will be a fantastic and irreplaceable essential in the child care kit for many years ahead. 


Baby Shower Gift Idea 2 – Niegeloh Baby Nail Scissors Inox Style n4

German Baby Nail Scissors Inox Style n4 by Niegeloh  Solingen

Baby scissors Inox Style n4 are ideal for parents with larger hands as they offer excellent ergonomics and handling with wider grips. Niegeloh's baby nail scissors Inox Style n4 are hand crafted from surgical grade stainless steel without any nickel contents and are perfect for sensitive skin and nails.

The scissors fit well in the parents hand and give maximum control over baby nail cutting. They are very well balanced with a Torx screw that has been individually adjusted by hand. The cutting edge will keep its original cutting properties for many years ahead so the child can safely use these scissors until s/he is ready to use sharp manicure scissors to cut their own nails.



Baby Shower Gift Idea 3 - Hercules Sagemann Hair Brush 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby hair grows very fast and detangling tough knots is not an easy task. Hercules Sagemann detangling hair brush is a precious gift to make child hair care a pleasant experience. It is made with flexible, specially rounded nylon pins that glide perfectly through the hair without awful pulling or tugging.

Set is a special 2-level way, the pins gently guide hair through the brush, thus removal of hair knots is not painful at all. And regular massaging of the scalp supports growth of healthy hair.

So having the right tool is a great start for healthy, naturally beautiful hair later in life. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas 


Baby Shower Gift Idea 4 – Eco Hot Water Bottle With Polka Dots Cover (0.8L)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When chilly weather comes, it's a natural desire of any parent to make sure the child feels warm. Hugo Frosch hot water bottles offer the safest possible way to keep them comfy on a cold day. Protected by patent, the hot water bottles are crafted in Germany and come with 2 years water tightness guarantee.

Unlike conventional rubber bottles, Hugo Frosch shells are entirely rubber free made of high quality thermoplastic. Further, the material is more than 90% biobased as certified by ASTM (American Society For Testing and Materials) standard D6886. Thus, it's not only the safe option to keep the child warm, but also an excellent eco gift to make your contribution to the environment-friendly practices.



Baby Shower Gift Idea 5 – Eco Hot Water Bottle With Smiley Cover (0.8L)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

And what can be more rewarding than seeing a child beaming? Super cute cover of this most innovative hot water bottle by Hugo Frosch is sure put a smile on the baby and parent face. It is authentic “Made in Germany” quality guarantees the highest possible degree of comfort and safety for the little one. The cover is removable and washable at 30C, and closes with a velcro. Safety stopper makes the hot water bottle leak-proof and safe to use. In addition, it does not contain any rubber and free of plasticisers and PVC.


Baby Shower Gift Idea 6 – Eco Hot Water Bottle With Puppet Cover (0.8L)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The latest generation hot water bottle and removable soft cover are great winter warmer and entertainer at the same time. This hot water bottle is made in Germany by exerts in the warmth science and features nature-sustainable technology using over 90% renewable sources (mainly sugar cane). It is made of high quality thermoplastic and does not have nasty rubber smell. So parents can rest assured their little one is not breathing rubber fumes.

Safety stopper makes is very reliable to use close to kids skin. In addition, the bottle is free from PVC and plasticisers. When the hot water bottle is not in use, the puppet cover can be easily removed and used to role-play with the child and stimulate their visual and audial sensors.

So if you want to choose the baby shower gift that fills the house with adorable laughs and smiles, this ultra original eco hot water bottle definitely tops of the list.