Top Ideas For Fathers Day

How often do we tell our dad we love them? Busy routine, work and other priorities sometimes take away our mind from spending enough time with our families, and this Father’s Day is a great opportunity to catch up and say I Love You Dad.

To make the moment even more special, give a great gift your father will enjoy for years and always think of you with a loving smile on his face.

In this article we are bringing top five gifts for men made in Germany that your dad will love and use for years.


Gift idea 1: Hans Kniebes Shaving & Nail Care Travel Leather Kit

Mens Shaving and Grooming Kit by Hans Kniebes Amazing present for your father by a leading German manufacturer Hans Kniebes includes nail scissors, nail clippers, nail file (all made in Solingen Germany of fine stainless steel), Proraso shaving cream with eucalyptus and menthol oils and Gillette Mach 3 Wet Razor. Help your dad maintain his nails neat and well-groomed, while he keeps his shaving accessories organised in a stylish black leather case. Perfect gift for dads who are frequently on the go. 


Gift Idea 2: Niegeloh Topinox Imantado XL Men's Leather Manicure Set 

Mens Leather Manicure Set Imantado XL by Niegeloh Solingen Germany Very popular nail set for men who like their nails look good with minimum effort. Beautifully presented in a soft leather case with magnetic closure, the implements are made from top-notch stainless steel TopInox that keeps its sharpness and allows a very smooth cut, even on thick men’s nails. Included are TopInox nail clippers for fingernails and toenails, nail scissors with a tower point, sturdy nail nipper and rounded scissors for trimming ear and nose hairs. Gold-screws on each pair of scissors and multi-tone satin finish add exclusive character and lasting value of the set.


Gift Idea 3: Hans Kniebes Solingen Inox Heavy Duty Manicure Pedicue Set 

Heavy Duty Pedicure Set Inox by Hans Kniebes Solingen Germany

Truly masculine nail set for strong men’s nails is made in Solingen by German manicure experts and includes a heavy-duty toenail nipper with barrel spring. The instruments feature solid blades, sharpened to perfection, so they smoothly cut men’s nails without tearing or destroying the nails. And real horn handles ensure the instruments are strong and durable, with a unique pattern for the luxury touch. Since there are no two same horns, this means that there is no other set like this one.


Gift Idea 4: Niegeloh Solingen Straight Razor 5/8" Buffalo Horn Handle

Solingen Cut Throat Give your dad traditional shaving experience with this professionally-made straight razor and he will never go back to conventional razors. Crafted in Solingen-Germany from carbon steel, the hollow 5/8” blade is perfect for beginners of experts in shaving, blending most optimal hardness and flexibility. Buffalo horn handle gives further style and durability, protecting the blade when not in use and making it a perfect grooming accessory, whether in the bathroom or when on travels. Comes shave-ready in a beautiful gift box.


Gift Idea 5: Sonnenschein Bavaria Travel Toiletry Bag With Nail Set

Bavaria Travel Toiletry Bag With Nail Set by Sonnenschein Germany Help your father keep his grooming gear organised with this high quality leather toiletry bag. Made in Germany by top-end leather experts, it features a large zippered pocket with a number of internal sleeve-style pockets, to keep his razor, shaving brush, deodorant or lenses beautifully stored. The bag comes with a bonus 3 pcs manicure set made of fine stainless steel, including nail scissors for nail and cuticle trimming, sapphire nail file and tweezers. Smart design, washable lining and durable performance will give your dad years of outstanding service and make a perfect gift for Father’s Day.