Professional Cuticle Clippers Made in Germany Solingen

Beautiful manicure goes beyond trimming and filing your nails. Cuticles (soft skin in the nail bed) is where nail growth starts, and therefore our cuticles require good maintenance in order to create neat hands.

Today, we will talk about cuticle care tools – cuticle clippers, cuticle scissors, knives and cuticle pushers pushers – essential instruments in any manicure set where all round nail care is key.

First thing first. Cuticles are an essential part of our body that protect nails from infections and support healthy nail growth. Being a delicate skin, cuticle care requires high quality manicure instruments to trim overgrown skin smoothly, without tearing, to avoid bleeding and unsightly looks. Unfortunately, there are too many poorly made cuticle clippers that damage cuticles (we hear a lot of those stories!)

So let's have a look at what makes a good quality cuticle clipper, and what types of cuticle care tools are available for a beautiful manicure?

About Quality of Cuticle Instruments

When it comes to trimming cuticles, sharpness and precision is paramount. Only when a cuticle clipper is sharp, you are able to cut cuticles evenly and smoothly.

However, invest only in long lasting sharpness, and not in a seemingly sharp cuticle tool that will go blunt after a few manicures. There are too many poorly made cuticle care instruments that appear sharp at the checkout however start chewing and tearing the skin soon after you use them.

The best professional cuticle clippers are traditionally made in Germany of strong grade steel. Hardened steel retains the cutting edge for a very long time without any need of re-sharpening. German cuticle clippers are highly regarded among nail experts around the world. Sharp, precise and durable, they are an indispensable tool in your manicure set if you trust only the best quality tools close to your nails.

Which tools do I need to create neat cuticles?

Cuticle care involves 3 main steps: trimming, pushing back and moisturising. Our customers' experience tells us more clarity is required around cuticle care tools, so lets focus on:

  • Cuticle Cutting Tools, often called by a generic term “cuticle clippers”
  • Cuticle Pushers.

Cuticle Clippers

High quality Cuticle Clippers Made in Solingen Germany

Cuticle Nippers (also called cuticle pliers) are a popular cuticle care tool that has 2 handles brought together by a springing action of your palm and fingers. Cuticle nippers are a perfect tool for people who like pliers type operation and allow precise cuticle trimming in hard to reach areas. Cuticle nippers come in quarter jaw and half jaw sizes, with approximately 5mm and 7mm length of the cutting blade respectively. Cuticle nippers are often preferred by people with limited strength in their hand as the handles only need to be slightly squeezed to perform a cut.

ZOHL Solingen Extra Fine Cuticle Scissors Sharptec Made in Germany

Cuticle Scissors – slimmer than regular fingernail scissors, cuticle scissors with fine blades are another effective tool for immaculate cuticle care. Cuticle scissors, as the name suggests, should only be used to cut cuticle, and not nails. Thin blades, when sharp and precise, effectively remove excess cuticles and leave a clean line.

German brand of professional manicure instruments ZOHL also includes cuticle scissors with extra fine blades, for the more precise cuticle trimming. Needle-like tips work exceptionally on very fine cuticles and suit people who like to detail their nail beds with the best professional manicure tools.

 Cuticle Cutters Cuticle knives are most commonly used for DIY manicure and feature one blade that cuts off overgrown cuticles. A variation of a cuticle knife is a V-shape cuticle trimmer which has a split blade sharpened on both sides. 


Cuticle Pushers

German Manicure Tools Cuticle Pusher ZOHL  

Cuticle pushers have dual function:

1) Pushing back cuticles without cutting cuticles
2) Pushing back cuticles after trimming cuticles.

High quality cuticle pushers should have an anatomically designed tip to fit the nail bed. Many of our customers prefer a rounded shape because sharp corners may be painful.

When cuticles are pushed back, the nail bed looks neat and clean, and the nail is ready for a nail polish.

Creating beautiful cuticles also helps with trimming nails as the nail edge should mirror the shape of the cuticle, to achieve the most natural look of your nails.


TIP: Whichever instrument you choose for cuticle care, remember to use it on soft cuticles (for example, after shower) when they are soft.

After the finishing touches, apply your favourite moisturiser (it can be hand cream or specialised cuticle cream) and enjoy beautiful hands.

View ZOHL collection of German cuticle clippers and choose yours to add to your manicure chore.

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