ZOHL Pedicure Set For Thick Toenails Made in Germany

Do you have thick and touch toenails and need high quality podiatry clippers to trim them easily?

Want all your pedicure and manicure instruments in one set for all round nail care?

Like a robust zippered case to keep them in place whilst on travels?

 If you are a person who prefers to invest in one high quality nail set without worrying about future re-sharpening, then this article is for you. 


Today, we will explain why ZOHL Pedicure Set is the only set you need for all your manicure and heavy duty pedicure needs...

Lifetime Gift

When we say “the only set” – we literally mean it is the only set you ever need to buy in your lifetime. ZOHL Collection of the highest quality manicure and pedicure tools features stainless steel nail instruments made in Germany to the highest quality standards. Hence, they boast extraordinary sharpness, long lasting robustness of the blade and immaculate precision. 

ZOHL pedicure set is crafted from surgical stainless steel, forged and hardened to retain the cutting edge for may years without any need of sharpening.

If you do not want to re-purchase or re-sharpen your tools, and want to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills, then it is a smart decision to buy the best pedicure set crafted by German experts of the finest nail instruments for professional manicure and pedicure.


Complete Set For All-Round Manicure & Pedicure

 ZOHL Pedicure set is comprised of high quality stainless steel nail instruments for fingernails and toenails. So you have German nail tools for all-round nail care. Every time your nails are due for a trim, all the instruments are at your fingertips so you don't need to look for them around the house.

This set is ideal for people with thick, mature or strong toenails as it includes professional podiatry clippers (overall length 13cm). Reinforced blades, large design and robust barrel spring make thick toenail cutting ultra easy. Wide opening of up to 1cm means no matter how thick your toenails are, this pedicure tool is up for any job.

Ergonomic construction ensures it fits perfectly into the palm for comfortable handling and optimal control.

And the good thing is, the clipper can be used for trimming fingernails too if they are rather large.

Extraordinary Sharpness 

As with all ZOHL manicure and pedicure sets, the instruments are perfectly sharpened and stay sharp for a very long time. For added benefit, they are stable to professional sterilisation, if you care about disinfection when you share the tools or if you have fungal nails. 

Handsome presentation in the black leather case with a metal zipper makes it a perfect gift idea for men and women that is welcome for any occasion: Christmas, Birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day. It is a beautiful present that will delight for many years and make nail care a pleasure in itself.

Instruments included in the sets are:

  • Professional Podiatry Clippers 13cm for thick toenails
  • Large Toenail Clipper 8cm – ideal for fingernail and toenail cutting, opening approx. 2mm
  • Fingernail Scissors – slightly curved blades with pointed tips for trimming cuticles
  • Sapphire Nail File with wear-resistant surface very effective for toenails and fingernails
  • Double-tip manicure tool for pushing back & detailing of the cuticles

If you want a high quality pedicure set that is capable of heavy duty job and has everything for complete nail care, then the German Pedicure Set ZOHL is the one.

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And we will be happy to assist :)