Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

Over the years, we have been asked by our customers about high quality manicure sets and what to look for when choosing the best manicure set for themselves or as a gift.

In this article, we have put together frequently asked questions with simple answers about what makes the best manicure set that would be a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc. 

Read this helpful guide and select the nail care set that will delight for many years to come.

Question: I've been using the set my mum gave me many years ago and now it's time to buy a new one. What do I look for when choosing a quality manicure set?

You are obviously familiar with high quality of manicure instruments since only the best nail care tools can give you long and reliable service without the trouble of sharpening.

German made manicure pedicure sets First, make sure the set is made of high quality steel. Traditionally, the best steel used in a variety of industrial, medical and household products comes from Germany which has been the motherland of the world's best cutlery for many centuries.

There are many different grades of steel. Generally, the harder the steel, the longer the cutting edge will stay sharp without any maintenance. If tools are made of soft (often recycled) steel, rest assured their lifespan will be too short and they will start chewing your nails instead of smoothly cutting them pretty soon after purchase.

Choose hot forged steel for your manicure tools if you want the blades stay sharp for many decades. Forging under extreme temperatures makes steel super hard which means the blades are extra strong and will work perfectly, even on nails prone to thickening.

All sets on are made in Germany and come in beautiful leather cases. Any set you choose on our website will give you unmatched quality that's hard to find.

Question: I would like to buy a high quality manicure set as a Christmas gift for my daughter/ mum/ husband etc. Could you make a suggestion about the best manicure sets for men and women? 

Best German Manicure Set by Niegeloh Solingen Made in Germany

Sure. When you buy a Christmas gift, you want it to be of high quality that will impress from the moment it is unwrapped. The best manicure sets are traditionally made in Germany, world renowned for its durable and reliable products.

When you choose a German manicure set, it's a great choice if you want it to work for a very long time and make a gift with distinction.

Some of the best manicure sets made in Germany are by Niegeloh Solingen and Hans Kniebes Manicure. By using the finest steel and family traditions passed over decades from father to son, they produce high quality nail sets that conform to the highest manufacturing standards of the German government.

If you happen to know which instruments the person likes to use, consider the task of choosing the best Christmas gift half sorted. For example, if you know they are big fans of high quality nail clippers, then choose the set that contains fingernail and toenail clippers. If you saw them using a pliers type clipper, look for cuticle and nail nippers in the set. Ideally, you'd like all instruments in the set to be used. But if you struggle to determine which tools the person may like, you'll be safe with a complete manicure set.

Solingen Leather Manicure Set Made by Niegeloh Solingen In Germany Highest quality Mens Manicure Set Solingen Germany Stainless Steel Manicure Set Made in Solingen Germany by Hans Kniebes Manicure Solingen Manicure Set With Cuticle Clippers In Leather Case Solingen Germany 


Question: What is Topinox steel?

Topinox stainless steel manicure set

Created by Niegeloh, the leading Solingen company in Germany, Topinox is a super strong grade stainless steel which uses surgical steel hardened through innovative warm forging process. This special tempering allows to preserve maximum amount of carbon responsible for steel hardness.

Therefore, Topinox nail instruments are considered some of the best in the world which will give you a lifetime of impeccable service without any re-sharpening. 

Blades in Topinox tools are manually sharpened following multiple step precision grinding. Due to structural hardness, they will stay sharp for many decades and will always delight with smooth and easy nail trimming.

In addition, Topinox is made without any nickel and makes an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin.

Question: What's the difference between stainless steel and nickel plated steel in a manicure set?

Stainless steel is a type of alloy which “stains less” and is more rust resistant. In contrast, steel with nickel plating has a thin protective layer of nickel that enhances rust resistance. It means that you need to take greater care with nickel plated tools and avoid them rubbing or damaging so the top layer doesn't scratch or crack.

Hence, general recommendation is to wipe your nickel plated tools after use and store them dry. Then they will give you long and reliable service.

So if you take proper care and use the tools for at home manicure or pedicure, there should be no big difference. Except in situations where sterilisation is required (e.g. fungal nails or sensitive skin), our recommendation is stainless steel manicure and pedicure tools because they can be professionally sterilised without a risk of corroding.

Rostfrei manicure pedicure instruments Solingen Germany Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Set Solingen Germany German manicure tools in leather case Complete manicure pedicure set

Question: During last trip, they confiscated my favourite pair of scissors at the airport. Do you have high quality scissors that will last years like my previous scissors?

Absolutely. All our scissors are made in Solingen Germany. Solingen is a small town in Germany known for the best knives, blades, swords, daggers and the best manicure sets of course. Niegeloh is a very traditional Solingen manufacturer producing high quality scissors with all manufacturing steps made in Solingen Germany and conforming to the strictest standards of Solingen Decree. This is a guarantee of the top quality approved by the German Government.

Professional Nail Cutters Made in Solingen Germany by Niegeloh Best manicure scissors by Niegeloh Solingen Germany  Best Cuticle Scissors With Slim Blades Made by Niegeloh in Solingen Germany  Extra Fine Cuticle Scissors Professional Quality by Niegeloh Solingen Made in Germany  
 Nail Scissors  Combination Scissors  Cuticle Scissors  Extra Fine Cuticle Scissors

Question: Do all your products come in genuine leather cases?

Yes 100%. All manicure sets come in stunning leather cases that highlight exceptional quality and long lasting durability of the tools inside the case. Leather choices include cowhide, buffalo leather and goat nappa – all carefully selected and sourced from the premium German tanneries.

When you look around what's on the market, you'll see many leather products. However, not all leathers are the same. Most leathers use synthetic tanning chemicals, synthetic dyes, spray paints and spray sealants to make a "perfect" surface. After so many synthetic treatments, it is hardly leather at all. In our manicure sets, we offer traditional high quality German leather that is 100% genuine. It smells leather, it feels leather and it looks leather.

Genuine leather cases protect manicure instruments from dirt and damage and they make a reliable and long lasting accessory for your manicure and pedicure instruments.  

Beware of manicure sets brands that intentionally mislead customers by stating “PU leather”. PU stands for polyurethane, or synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is no way as durable as genuine leather. And so are the instruments in those sets which have a very short life span and need frequent sharpening or disposal.

Finally, leather manicure case adds the final touches of luxury and makes the manicure set a beautiful accessory for anyone's personal beauty & grooming kit.


At the time this article is published, Christmas is fast approaching. And high quality German manicure sets by Niegeloh and Hans Kniebes make a gift with distinction for your loved one. Buy the gift that will last decades and doesn't need to be thrown away as soon as the festive season ends. It will surely transform manicure and pedicure routine into a pleasant chore and please with perfectly sharpened cutting edge for many years to come.

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