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Solingen - Synonym of Premium Quality

Solingen is a famous city in Germany and has traditionally been the “steel” heart of the country. It is world-renown for its first-class cutting products that stay sharp and work beautifully over the years of use. Only items that meet rigid Solingen engineering standards are entitled to carry the stamp Qualität "Made in Solingen".

You may see a Solingen logo on a product and think that is actually a brand but now you know that Solingen is a place in Germany where highly skilled craftsmen produce the finest cutlery, including manicure instruments. They use the best materials, special hardening and tempering process and follow Solingen Decree requirements to produce a truly amazing product. Solingen manicure tools are guaranteed to last and keep the sharpness of the cutting edge for a very long time.

Due to the popularity of Solingen quality, you may note that some companies produce counterfeit products and try to use the Solingen brand. Don't be fooled by that misleading appeal. Only authentic German products, made in Solingen, Germany can carry the "Quality Made in Soligen" logo.


Niegeloh Solingen Germany - Best Manicure Sets



Niegeloh is a leading Solingen manufacturer of beauty products whose reputation has spread far beyond Germany thanks to impeccable quality of their grooming products. Niegeloh is committed to use only the finest steel with the minimum amount of chemicals and offers the best manicure and pedicure tools that are nickel-free, anti-allergic and sterilisable.

Niegeloh’s Topinox and Inox Style n4 nail instruments stand for excellent handling, maximum control and ultimate cutting properties that last you years. Elegant leather cases, tastefully crafted of the finest of leathers, highlight the everlasting quality and premium look of Niegeloh’s products.

Hans Kniebes Manicure Germany - Finest Manicure Tools




Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes quickly established its reputation as a respected Solingen manufacturer of quality manicure instruments and top-end leather goods. Since its early days, the company have been striving to deliver the finest products that combine expert quality, attractive design and great functionality.

Hans Kniebes offers beautifully designed manicure sets in luxury leather cases that cater for sophisticated manicure tastes with its Hans Kniebes Manicure range and value for money with its Sonnenschein line.


Hercules Saegemann - Best Hair Combs and Brushes

Hercules Sagemann-Germany has been producing premium quality hair brushes and combs since 1856. Distinguished by premium materials and smart design, they offer the best protection to the hair so it looks and feels its best. Hercules hair brushes are crafted using carefully selected natural boar bristles and flexible pins that gently detangle and spread vital nutrients all along the hair.

Hercules combs are made from 100% natural hard rubber and are totally seamless so they glide through the hair perfectly without unpleasant pulling or ripping. The collection is complemented by Triumph Master combs made of special plastic with high elasticity and resistance to most chemicals used in hairdresser’s practice.