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Hercules Sagemann Lady Star Hair Comb Seamless 7.75”

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Hercules Sagemann Lady Star Hair Comb Seamless 7.75”

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Hercules Sagemann hair comb Lady Star is designed to give you maximum flexibility for creating straight styles or styles with texture – with maximum protection of your hair cuticle with every stroke. Crafted by hand in Germany, it is made of 100% pure natural rubber and is absolutely seamless, gliding perfectly through the hair, with rounded tips gently massaging the scalp. Use it on wet or dry, short or long hair – this is a truly amazing hair comb with anti-static effect and heat & chemical resistant body. Elegant curved spine fits so comfortably into the hand and helps to create the style you desire.


Hercules Sagemann hair comb Lady Star is hand crafted in Germany from 100% pure natural rubber and goes through multiple steps, primarily manual, to achieve an absolutely seamless surface. Why is this important? Because any burr along the teeth or sides can pull hair or damage the sensitive cuticle layer, resulting in split ends, dull colour and lifeless hair look over time. A lot of times you don't need to buy expensive shampoos or hair treatments, if you use the right comb that gives you maximum hair protection.

Every Hercules ebonite comb is the best in class and meets the highest professional demands for design and performance. Natural materials, unique vulcanisation process and hand-performed cutting, sewing and polishing result in a comb with burr-free surface that glides perfectly and by protecting the hair cuticles, brings shine and natural beauty to your hair.

Lady Star hair comb offers you super wide teeth for structuring hair and finer teeth for smoothing and creating straight styles. It is also ideal for detangling, applying treatments or massaging the scalp to improve blood circulation in the follicles. Non-porous surface guarantees hygiene and resistance to chemicals, and you can enjoy years of amazing service because the comb is practically indestructible. Lady Star hair comb is Hercules Sagemann creation for every woman, to take the best possible care of their hair.

  • Hand-made in Germany since 1856
  • Crafted from ebonite – vulcanised natural rubber
  • Perfectly smooth surface is non-porous (does not support mould growth)
  • Each masterpiece goes through 35 manufacturing steps
  • Excellent gliding ability with antistatic effect (prevents fly-away hair)
  • Twist-resistant and yet flexible
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Length 7.75” / 19.7 cm.

Hercules Sagemann (Germany) have been producing highest quality professional combs and brushes for over 150 years. Each Hercules comb stands for maximum hair protection and fulfills the highest professional requirements. When you buy Hercules Sagemann, you buy the best in the world, the best in class combs and brushes. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Ebonite - 100% vulcanised natural rubber
Length 19.7 cm
Manufacturer Hercules Sagemann - Germany

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