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Triumph Master Tail Comb Silver 8”

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Triumph Master Tail Comb Silver 8”

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Silver Triumph Master tail comb is crafted in Germany by one of the oldest European manufacturers of exclusive combs and brushes. Since 1856, Hercules Sagemann has been a leader in producing premium hair tools for professional hairdressers and today the brand is world-renown for ultimate durability and maximum hair protection. Tail comb is moulded into its final shape in a single production step and is therefore free from coarse, hair damaging burrs. It glides smoothly through the hair without tugging or pulling, and helps create beautiful hair styles on all hair types and lengths.


Triumph Master tail comb in classic silver colour is made in Germany and is undoubtedly one of the world's best hair combs. It is shaped in premium quality moulds and therefore free of uneven edges that would damage the hair. The comb features absolutely perfect gliding ability as fine teeth gently smoothen the hairs. Rounded tail is perfect for even sectioning and protects the scalp from scratching.

Polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene (POM) compounds, along with moulding tools, determine the comb quality and properties. Polycarbonate is known for being extremely resistant and makes the comb almost indestructible. POM adds excellent elasticity needed for perfect gliding without unpleasant snagging. Both compounds guarantee optimal dimensional stability and an outstanding resistance against most known chemicals used in a hairdresser's practice.

  • Made in Germany by Hercules-Sagemann since 1856
  • Glides perfectly through the hair 
  • All fine teeth, rounded tail
  • Antistatic, heat- and chemical-resistant
  • Tried and tested ergonomics
  • Length: 8” / 20.3 cm.

Hercules Sagemann (Germany) have been producing highest quality professional combs and brushes for over 150 years. Each Hercules comb stands for maximum hair protection and fulfills the highest professional requirements. When you buy Hercules Sagemann, you buy the best in the world, the best in class combs and brushes. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Polycarbonate & POM
Length 20.3 cm
Manufacturer Hercules Sagemann - Germany

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