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Hugo Frosch Classic Comfort Hot Water Bottle Black 1.8L

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Hugo Frosch Classic Comfort Hot Water Bottle Black 1.8L

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Original Hugo Frosch black hot water bottle is the authentic “Made in Germany” classics of top quality. Advanced technologies, innovative materials and absolute commitment to safety are combined together to give you a truly distinctive hot water bottle that will keep you safely warm on a chilly night. Unlike conventional rubber heat packs, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are crafted using high quality thermoplastic, and therefore they are much more durable and free from rubber fumes. Their safety has been independently verified by the British Standard BS 1970:2012 and you can use them with peace of mind they won't leak (provided they are strictly used as per the manufacturer's guide). Every piece comes with two years water tightness guarantee as reassurance of superior quality. Thanks to the grooved surface, Hugo Frosch classic hot water bottle doesn't slip and is very comfortable to handle. It's a great replacement of your old hottie and all you need to do is just put on a towel or a cover. Trust only the best and reliable quality close to your skin and let the stress and cold go away.


For over 15 years, Hugo Frosch has been advancing the good old hot water bottle to offer you the best and reliable quality for warming up on a cold winter day.

Classic black hot water bottle by Hugo Frosch is the symbol of top performance, durability and safety. It is expertly crafted in German Bavaria from top grade thermoplastic without harmful substances and rubber smell.

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles have been independently safety tested and meet British Standard BS 1970:2012, which means they are leak proof and can be used safely. Their safety is further enhanced by two years warranty and you can just cuddle them and feel homey and warm despite the cold winter weather. Extra large mouth makes filling with hot water easy and safe.

Use it when you old hottie is due for a replacement. It comes without the cover and must be wrapped in a towel or a cloth to protect your skin and ensure slow heat release. Embrace winter with the Hugo Frosch hot water bottle and enjoy feeling warmth and comfortable.

  • Highest quality made in Germany gives you the safety and comfort for everyday use
  • Rubberless
  • Two years warranty
  • Phthalate-free
  • CE conforming according to the Medical Product Regulation 93/42 EEC Class 1
  • Produced according to British Standard BS 1970:2012
  • Production location annually tested by the TÜV
  • Recyclable
  • Volume: 1.8 L
  • Size: approx. 25 x 19.5 cm plus funnel.
Enjoy the warmth without booking the holidays. No sunburn. No commute. No jet lag. Classic and innovative Hugo Fosch hot water bottle is wht you need for a total warm up in the comfort of your home. 

Always read instructions for use and never fill with boiling water. When maintained correctly during and between uses, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles give you maximum performance and durability.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Quality Certification British Standard BS 1970:2012 + TÜV SÜD Annual Production Facility Testing and Certification
Size approx. 25 x 19.5 cm plus funnel
Cover No
Bottle Material High Quality Thermoplastic - Rubber Free
Manufacturer Hugo Frosch - Germany

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