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ZOHL Sharptec Pro L21 Pedicure Tools Set For Thick Nails Luxor

ZOHL Sharptec Pro L21 Pedicure Tools Set For Thick Nails Luxor

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Zohl introduces Luxor pedicure set with best in class pedicure tools for very thick toenails. Crafted in Germany from surgical stainless steel, they delight with extraordinary sharpness and precision of the cutting edge. The set is complete with a heavy duty toenail clipper - a professional podiatry tool with reinforced blades and a robust barrel spring designed to work smoothly on hard, strong and mature nails. In addition to pedicure, Luxor is ideal for manicure as it includes fingernail clippers, sapphire nail file, fingernail scissors, cuticle pusher and tweezers. Luxury pebble case made of genuine leather highlights exceptional quality of the set and makes a handsome gift for men and women who value high quality manicure and pedicure tools for at-home grooming.


Luxor pedicure set is a masterpiece of the finest German craftsmanship that boasts sharp pedicure tools to keep your nails in tip top shape.

It is crafted in the old city of Solingen renowned for its finest cutlery that stays sharp for many years without any need of re-sharpening. Luxor pedicure set delivers just that – long lasting precision with hand sharpened tools. No tearing, no jagging, no replacing of tools (think landfill).

To highlight the noble quality, nail scissors Sharptec Pro feature a 24 carat gold-plated screw. Perfectly balanced, they offer a smooth cut by following the natural curvature of your nail thanks to slightly curved blades.

Like other Solingen manicure sets with Sharptec manicure tools, the instruments in the Luxor are free from nickel, therefore they make a perfect companion for people with nickel allergies.

Carefully selected genuine leather lines the interior and exterior of the case which unveils the following manicure and pedicure tools:

  • Toenail Clipper for thick nails (13cm) – highly popular podiatry tool by ZOHL for very thick toenails with an ultra comfortable design and strong blades. Professional stainless steel is fully autoclavlable which makes it a perfect clipper for fungal nails where sterilisation is essential for fungus treatment.
  • 6cm Nail Clippers - innovative and very popular nail clippers in a concave shape for smooth nail cutting
  • Sapphire Nail File (9cm) with a very durable filing surface, dual sided, and ideal for very thick nails, including toenails.
  • Nail Scissors with regular, slightly curved blades
  • Tweezers with a slant tip honed for maximum precision to allow the most effective eyebrow plucking
  • Cuticle Pusher with an anatomically shaped tip for painless pushing back of the cuticles and ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.

If your nail care involves the best manicure and pedicure tools, Luxor pedicure set is sure to delight for many years ahead.

Made in Germany.

Case dimensions (closed): 14 x 7 x 2cm.


ZOHL is a registered trademark of the best and highest quality manicure and pedicure sets & instruments for men and women. Made in Germany to the highest professional standards, Zohl promise is absolute top quality that will give long lasting service and make an excellent gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. It is ethically made following fair trade practices and without any child labour involved. If you think the best manicure and pedicure sets for your best look, think ZOHL.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Case Dimension 14 x 7 x 2 cm
Case colour Black
Implement Material Top Quality TOPINOX Rust-free Stainless Steel with Satin Finish
Case Material Full Grain Cowhide Genuine Leather
Manufacturer Zohl Germany

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