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Topinox® Solingen Professional Long Pointed Tweezers

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Topinox® Solingen Professional Long Pointed Tweezers

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When tweezing, you don't want to over-pluck or damage the sensitive skin under the brows, correct? To avoid this from happening, choose Topinox® Solingen professional tweezers with elongated design, offering you amazing precision of flawlessly aligned tips and ergonomic handles for maximum control. Crafted in Solingen Germany to meet the highest professional standards, Topinox professional tweezers are made from anti-allergic stainless steel and are ideal for sensitive eye area.



Topinox® Solingen professional tweezers with perfectly aligned pointy tips and stronger, longer handles (11 cm) bring the best Solingen quality for eyebrow shaping with added comfort. They are perfectly suitable for people with larger hands who find traditional design too small and are looking for a firm grip for convenient and efficient tweezing. Equally suitable for professionals and anyone who likes beautiful eyebrows, Topinox tweezers feature meticulously crafted and manually finished tips for precise targeting and removing only unwanted hairs.

Unbeatable for authentic Solingen quality, loved worldwide by the finest cutlery products, they make the best professional German tweezers, distinguished by:

Specially tempered Topinox® stainless steel. Topinox is Niegeloh's signature in the tweezer world and their best in professional quality. It is warm-forged to maintain its hardness, and consequently sharpness, so the tweezers will keep their original precision and performance for a lifetime, with proper care. For added benefit, Topinox is made with absolute minimum amount of chemicals and is nickel free, so can be safely used on sensitive skin.

Flawless accuracy for plucking unwanted hair precisely.  Precision tips in Topinox tweezers are a few steps ahead than in any other tweezer. Manually filed by skilled Niegeloh craftsmen, they are individually assessed following rigid quality control, so they grab hairs unmistakeably, at the first attempt and don't scratch the skin.

Unparalleled ease of tweezing. For the best results, Topinox professional tweezers are soft squeeze and light weight, with ergonomically designed handles for complete control.

The tweezers are made to last and can be sterilised for complete peace of mind.

Manufactured by Niegeloh Solingen Germany. Family tradition since 1936.

Length: 11 cm.


Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality beauty tools, distinguished by workmanship, design and function. Products made by Niegeloh Solingen are known for their ultimate quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing. When you buy Niegeloh tweezers, you buy the best of the best Solingen quality that lasts and performs beautifully. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Implement Material Top Quality TOPINOX Rust-free Stainless Steel with Satin Finish
Length 11 cm
Manufacturer Niegeloh - Solingen, Germany

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