Podiatry Tools Corn Plane Summer is full on and if you are a lover of the open sandal season, then taking care of your feet should be a part of your weekly regimen. 

Previously we talked about Taking Care of Mature Nails, How to Choose Nail Clippers for Thick Toenails, and Common Mistakes of Home Pedicure. Today, we will focus on a very popular pedicure tool – corn plane, or foot shaver.

Corn plane is a typical podiatry instrument used to scrub very thick and dry skin on the feet. Those who frequent nail salons know that corn planes are often used for removal of corns and calluses. When used correctly, this foot care tool can be very effective. However, there are a few very important points to remember when using the corn plane by yourself.

Corn plane for callus and corn removal foot shavers

First things first. Corn plane is a pedicure tool that has a handle and a head. The head houses a blade which cuts off top layer of the skin when you apply pressure on the handle. Like with any blade, care needs to be taken when using the corn plane as incorrect use can lead to very poor results, including bleeding and potential subsequent infections.

Corn planes are made of different materials. Most economical foot shavers come with a plastic handle and a stainless steel head, while more premium corn planes are entirely made of stainless steel. Performance-wise they are the same, plastic corn planes are cheaper, however benefits of stainless steel corn planes are:

1) They are more durable as stainless steel handle is practically unbreakable
2) They are stable to professional sterilisation which is important if the corn plane is used on different people.

 corn plane spare blades  

Most corn planes accept standard corn plane blades. It is important to have a few replacement blades for corn plane in your pedicure set as the blade needs to be replaced every time your pedicure is due. This is to ensure the cutting edge is perfectly sharp all the way to ensure equal pressure and smooth removal of the dry skin.

Since corn plane blades are typically double sided, it is advised that after shaving one foot the blade is removed and turned with the other side facing the opening of the corn plane. This will help use a perfectly sharp edge for both feet for the best results. 

After your pedicure is done, dispose of the blade safely following recommendations of shaving razor blades disposal.


Here are a few tips on how to use the corn plane at home:

1) Ensure your corn plane is clean and the new blade is fitted properly
2) Soak your feet in warm water so the dry skin softens and is easy to remove
3) Put the corn plan on your foot where dry skin needs to be removed, with the window facing you
4) Start moving the corn plane towards yourself. You should see very thin pieces of skin peeling off, like tiny snowflakes. Do not put pressure as the blade is ultra sharp and can slice off your healthy skin and cause bleeding
5) Once the dry skin is removed, use a high quality foot file, like Podorape, to smoothen the skin on your feet
6) Wash your feet with soap and dry with a towel
7) Apply your favourite foot cream.

If you have mastered corn planes and they work for you, then your pedicure kit would not be complete without one. However, if you are only starting using the corn plane, then read these precautions and reach out for more information and professional advice:

1) Corn planes should only be used if you have good hand control and good eyesight
2) As any instrument containing a sharp blade, corn planes can be very dangerous and lead to unwanted cuts and infections
3) Consult with a medical professional or podiatrist if the corn plane is right for you and how to use it correctly
4) Do not re-use the corn plane blades as the cutting edge is no longer primed for a smooth cut and may lead to cuts and subsequent infections
5) If you share your corn plane with another person, always clean it before and after use and disinfect with most common disinfectants
6) If you have circulation-related diseases, such as diabetes, corn planes should be avoided as cuts can be very dangerous and professional foot care is sought instead.

If you are unsure if the corn plane is right for you, look for safer alternatives, such as professional foot files. Podorape is a specialised podiatry file for very dry feet and it works wonders in removing corns and calluses without any risk of cuts.

Enjoy beautiful summer weather and show off your feet with pride!

Disclaimer: This article is prepared as a guide only and does not represent medical advice. Seek professional help for using podiatry tools, including their correct use and care.